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Preview : 2011 River2Sea Products
River2Sea will be releasing three new baits for the 2011 season.
266 0 8.10
Our Outdoors: The hottest stuff on ice - by Nick Simonson
In order to prep you for what is sure to be another long and eventful season of ice fishing, this article, will address the top ten advancements made over the past year in the increasingly popular sport of ice fishing.
3,306 2 2.95
Kentucky Muskie - by Bill Vanderford
Green River Lake is located in central Kentucky and can be reached through connecting roads from Interstate 65 out of Nashville, Tennessee.
569 1 3.08
Muskies: Addicting Ohio's Anglers - ODNR
The muskellunge or “muskie” has all the characteristics needed to addict anglers to the point they may plan their whole lives around how to shorten their time to their next “fix”.
1,071 0 3.11
Michigan - Research continues on muskie pox - Michigan DNR
State fisheries officials today reminded anglers on Lake St. Clair to report observations of sick or dead muskie that appear to suffer Piscirickettsia, commonly called “muskie pox.”
868 1 2.96
The Fine Details of Fishing
Among all of the changes in fishing I always like to go back to the basics and keep things simple, if at all possible.
1,276 0 3.09
Being On Top Of Topwater Lures: A review of HighRoller Lures - by Mark Bellotte
High Roller Lures are quickly making some high stakes in the industry. Endorsed by such TV personalities as Roland Martin and Capt. Blair Wiggins, High Roller will soon become as regular of a name as your current favorite top water bait.
862 0 3.08
Spicing Up for Autumn Appetites - by Noel Vick
In its simplest form, the hamburger is a slab of ground beef sandwiched between two buns – genuine Americana, but boring. Same can be said for the jig. It’s a formed hunk of lead with a hook sticking out its backside – classic, but boring as well.
245 0 1.00
When the Predators Return… - by Noel Vick
Labor Day changes everything, though. Tourists leave. Cabins close like books. Pleasure boats and pontoons fall victim to winterization. Jetskis, well they’re stored in moth balls.
210 0 4.40
Musky Down Deep - by Dan Kiazyk
From where I stand in all of this melee it’s not so much the catching as it is developing strategies and looking into different scenarios which makes fishing for musky a lot more fun than fishing for almost any other sports species.
1,567 1 3.02
Flathead Fundamentals - Richard Martin
Going for these monstrous predators is more like using live bait for muskies than fishing for any other species of catfish.
235 5 2.50
Spoons for Game Fish - by Ken Sturdivant
Spoons have been around for more than 50 years and beginning as well as experienced anglers learned to catch almost all game fish on these deadly baits.
2,449 1 3.03
Musky Tackle Defined - by Bill Lodi
This list is just a basic one for some of the tackle that you will need to purchase for your Musky fishing outings. There can be variations of course, but this is just a general guideline to follow when purchasing your Musky tackle.
5,614 1 3.02
A Desert Island Lure for Fall Muskies - by Justin Hoffman
If I have to put my money on one lure that will consistently catch muskies during the fall, the choice would be easy, the jerkbait would get the nod every day of the week.
1,740 1 3.02
In Pursuit of Opening Day skies - by Justin Hoffman
By learning where muskies can be found after they spawn, what lures and baits are most productive and the equipment and techniques to go with them, you can start the season off with a bang and match wits with this mythical creature.
1,527 1 3.01

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