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Lew's SuperDuty Series Casting Rod - NEW IN RODS
Lew's SuperDuty Series Casting Rod - NEW IN RODS  February 19, 2021

SuperDuty rods are constructed on premium HM60 graphite blanks with raw graphite finish. The charcoal colored Winn Dri-Tac handles on each rod; bass fishing models will feature a full handle, and the multi- species rods will feature spilt Winn® grips and full foregrips; all with Lew’s Soft Touch skeletal reel seats. Along with the advanced grip and handles, Super Duty rods will feature the patented Lew's No Foul hook keeper.

Lew's KVD LFS Series Baitcast Reel - NEW IN REELS
Lew's KVD LFS Series Baitcast Reel - NEW IN REELS  February 19, 2021

Built with exacting specifications, the new KVD Series reels will give anglers the ability to make long casts, feel what the lure is doing with their smooth retrieves, have the power to handle the biggest bites, and durability to last for years. The KVD Series feature all aluminum frames, strong drags and will be priced so that every angler will be able to fish with the same product the most accomplished professional angler in the world uses every day.

Spro Hunter 65 SB - NEW IN HARD BAITS
Spro Hunter 65 SB - NEW IN HARD BAITS  February 19, 2021

Spro Hunter 65 SB brings the versatile square bill bait into play. Its erratic hunting action and loud knocking sound gets the bass's attention, making this bait a must-have for any bass angler. Armed with sharp #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, you will be able to count on solid hook-sets to winch bass out of the heavy cover. With a dive curve of 3'-5' ft, this is the bait to fish over rocks and timber. We added all colors.

Spro Zero Minnow 130 - NEW IN HARD BAITS
Spro Zero Minnow 130 - NEW IN HARD BAITS  February 19, 2021

The Zero Minnow 130 is one of those baits that work anywhere you fish. The versatility of a minnow style wake bait makes it one of the most deadly types of baits. Fished in early spring, or the dog days of summer, wake baits are hard to beat. With a diving depth of 0-1 feet, these baits can be used in several different ways to entice bass to attack. With its loud knocking sound and #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks, the Zero Minnow 130 is a game-changer in wake baits.

Spro E Pop 80 - NEW IN HARD BAITS  February 19, 2021

The E Pop 80 has a loud popping action and knocking sound - calling in fish from a distance. The bait is designed to cast easily and can be walked back to the boat, creating life-like action that bass can't resist. Paired with Gamakatsu's #4 treble hook on the front and a #4 Gamakatsu feather treble on the back, you are sure to hook up when an aggressive bass blows up your bait. We added all colors.