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Bomber Deep Long A - NEW COLORS
Bomber Deep Long A - NEW COLORS  November 4, 2018

A well-known big fish bait, the Deep Long A employs the Long A's trademark action with a deep diving molded-in lip for durability and out-of-the-package true-running performance. Especially effective when twitched for early season bass or trolled with precision for walleye and salmon. New colors Blind Ambition, Blue Diamond, Chicken Pox, Lavender Crush, Muscle Car, and Sun Spots are now available!

Zoom Bait - NEW SPECIAL COLOR!  October 27, 2018

Introducing the never before released Zoom color, Bourbon Blaze! Hand crafted by the master creators of Zoom, it's the perfect blend of colors, aged Kentucky straight bourbon with the spices of the Georgia pines. Bourbon Blaze is sure to catch fire on lakes all across the country. Bourbon Blaze is available in the 4" Brush Hog (Baby Brush Hog), Finesse Worm, 6" Lizard, Ol' Monster, 2.5" Salty Chunk, Super Fluke, Trick Worm, Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw, Z-Craw and Z-Craw Jr.

Bandit Lures Walleye Shallow - NEW COLORS
Bandit Lures Walleye Shallow - NEW COLORS  October 26, 2018

The Bandit Walleye Shallow dives to almost 12 feet on a long cast and trolls a little deeper than that, making it perfect for walleye, zander and bass when they're holding in the medium depths. Sixteen new colors including 2052, Carrot Top, Daydream, Electric Zebra, Flush, Fruit Salad, Glare, Grapefruit, Hot Rod, Peacock, Plasma, Rave, Reflection, SBTB, Sunspot, and Vice add to our full selection!

Strike King KVD Jerkbait - NEW COLOR
Strike King KVD Jerkbait - NEW COLOR  October 26, 2018

The KVD Slash Bait Jerkbait is the perfect combination of roll, wiggle and flash to attach fish. It combines a weight transfer system for increased castability, 3D eyes and premium black nickel hooks for that action that ONLY a KVD Jerkbait can give. Jerk on slack line for that maximum action, pause and be ready! New color Pro Citrus Shad is now part of our full selection.

Lethal Weapon IV Swim Jig - NOW STOCKING
Lethal Weapon IV Swim Jig - NOW STOCKING  October 26, 2018

Lethal Weapon's heavy cover swimming jig comes complete with all the best components. It features a custom heavy wire Owner hook, a hand-tied skirt, realistic 3-D eyes, a wire trailer keeper, a heavy brush guard and a true keel head which slips through anything and everything.