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Daiwa Tatula 150 TWS Baitcasting Reel - NEW REEL
Daiwa Tatula 150 TWS Baitcasting Reel - NEW REEL  April 13, 2019

The Tatula 150 T-WING Baitcasting Series is designed for specific bass fishing tasks like deep cranking, punching or flipping, pulling chatter baits or swimbaits, and frogging. With an aluminum side plate and frame and reinforced brass gearing and a sturdy pinion gear, these reels are designed for the more rigorous demands of power bass fishing.

Daiwa Tatula Elite Signature Series Bass Casting Rods - NEW MODELS
Daiwa Tatula Elite Signature Series Bass Casting Rods - NEW MODELS  April 13, 2019

These are true signature series rods that were developed by Daiwa's Pros such as Randy Howell, Brent Ehrler, Ish Monroe, Takahiro Omori, Andy Montgomery, Seth Feider and Cody Meyers. Each pro was asked to pick their favorite techniques and design specific rods to be the ultimate action to accomplish that technique. Daiwa's Pros were given absolutely free reign to pick rod blank, guides and reel seat, so there is something for everyone. We've added new models for the purposes of Shooting, All Around, Small/Medium Crankin', Universal, Searchbait, Long Cast Frog, and Swimbait.

Z-Man CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig - NEW JIG
Z-Man CrossEyeZ Snakehead Swim Jig - NEW JIG  April 12, 2019

The latest installment in the heralded CrossEyeZ Jig lineup, the Snakehead Swim Jig takes a cue from mother nature with a head design modeled after that of a snake to allow it to come through grass and cover easily. Like other jigs in the CrossEyeZ jig family, this jig features nothing but the best components and construction. Their full selection has been added.

Z-Man CrossEyeZ Football Jig - NEW JIG
Z-Man CrossEyeZ Football Jig - NEW JIG  April 12, 2019

Bassmaster Elite Series pro David Walker set out to create the perfect football jig and has done it again with the CrossEyeZ Football Jig! The combination of a traditional football-shaped head with a custom plastic v-shaped weedguard creates a jig that can be dragged across ledges, gravel bottoms, and chunk rock without snagging while still allowing for easy hooksets. We've added all colors and both sizes!

Z-Man Original ChatterBait - MORE SIZES
Z-Man Original ChatterBait - MORE SIZES  April 12, 2019

Time and again, top anglers rely on The Original ChatterBait brand bladed swim jig to help fill livewells and cash tournament checks. This groundbreaking lure's patented design and trademarked hex-shaped blade combine to produce unmatched vibration, flash, and action, enabling it to perform like a crankbait, jig and spinnerbait - all in one fish-slaying package. We've added to our large selection.