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Dr. Juice Tournament Scents Fish Attractant - NOW STOCKING
Dr. Juice Tournament Scents Fish Attractant - NOW STOCKING  July 19, 2018

Dr. Juice scents are species specific, employing the exact scent ingredients that fish find irresistible. Dr. Juice Tournament Scents contain BOTH oils and water soluble ingredients, the same as natural living bait. It combines both scent and taste ingredients that large wary fish crave. It drives them to hit harder and hang on longer.

50%-70% Off Select Items
50%-70% Off Select Items  July 17, 2018

Save big while you still can on hundreds of products! We've discounted select items 50%-70% while supplies last!

Zoom Boot Tail Fluke - NEW SIZE
Zoom Boot Tail Fluke - NEW SIZE  July 17, 2018

A solid-bodied swimbait which combines the best attributes of two of Zoom’s all-time Classics – the lifelike body of the legendary Fluke with the hard shaking tail of the more recently-introduced hollow Zoom Swimmer. We stock all the colors including the newest addition, Green Pumpkin Pearl. And it's now available in a smaller 4" size.

ROSCO Safety Snap Barrel Swivel - NOW STOCKING
ROSCO Safety Snap Barrel Swivel - NOW STOCKING  July 17, 2018

Quality you can count on! Very strong brass swivel with a high quality ROSCO safety snap. Perfect for freshwater fishing. Made in the USA!

ROSCO Stainless Steel Split Rings - NOW STOCKING
ROSCO Stainless Steel Split Rings - NOW STOCKING  July 16, 2018

Stainless steel split rings are ideal for hook-to-lure or lure-to-line connections. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, ROSCO challenges you to find a higher quality American-made ring.