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BC Lures Custom Swim Jig - NEW IN JIGS
BC Lures Custom Swim Jig - NEW IN JIGS  September 17, 2021

The BC Lures Custom Swim Jig's flat keel design allows for straight tracking whether fished fast or slow. This jig allows the angler to drag, stroke, hop, flip, as well as what it was designed for, swimming through or just above emergent grass, downed trees, or any other fish holding cover. The balanced head design features a 4/0 Mustad Black Nickel UltraPoint hook, molded in recessed hook eye to help in protecting your knot, and weedguards made to the optimal length.

Bandit Lures B-Rotan - NEW IN HARD BAITS
Bandit Lures B-Rotan - NEW IN HARD BAITS  September 17, 2021

The Bandit B-Rotan is the perfect hybrid of the successful Walleye Deep and Shallow series. It features a more pronounced wobble on the retrieve, and has two separate rattle chambers outfitted with steel rattles for increased sound. When cast it reaches 8-10 feet, and when trolled it dives to 16 feet. Available in a wide range of colors perfect for multiple species of gamefish.

Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbait - NOW AVAILABLE
Jackall Rerange 110MR Jerkbait - NOW AVAILABLE  September 17, 2021

The Jackall Rerange features the TG Zero Friction Weight Transfer System that shifts 20% of the lures weight during the cast for maximum distance. The weights of the TG Zero Friction system are fluororesin coated to allow for the weights to move smoothly through the lure body. This medium runner with a larger lip allows the bait to dive to 8 feet. Limited colors are now in stock.

Shimano Curado 300 K Low Profile Casting Reel - NEW IN REELS
Shimano Curado 300 K Low Profile Casting Reel - NEW IN REELS  September 17, 2021

Tournament-tough quality and superb dependability, Shimano built the Curado 300 for anglers who aren't just chasing fish but those targeting quality over quantity. Incorporating a deep 300-size spool intended for heavy-pound line and the needed capacity for extra-long casts, the Curado 300 features a long handle with wide-grip knobs to provide anglers with the extra power that's necessary when pulling on big fish.

Shimano Icon Performance Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - NEW IN APPAREL
Shimano Icon Performance Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - NEW IN APPAREL  September 17, 2021

Designed to be super soft and ultra-comfortable while still packed with performance features, the Shimano Icon Performance Tee is moisture-wicking and has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating. Highlighted by a Shimano logo across the front and a subtle bass graphic on the back, this tee will quickly become one of your favorites.