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Abu Garcia Revo/Veritas BOGO Offer!
Abu Garcia Revo/Veritas BOGO Offer!  June 12, 2018

Buy any Abu Garcia Revo S, SX, STX, or Premier reel and get a FREE Veritas rod of your choice from our inventory. This is a limited time offer and only while supplies last! So get yours today! (You will be contacted by a customer service representative to decide your model of rod.)

Spro RkCrawler 55 - Red Bug BACK IN STOCK!
Spro RkCrawler 55 - Red Bug BACK IN STOCK!  June 12, 2018

The wide wobbling hunting action of the RkCrawler's deflection ability that bounces off of cover like no other lure to trigger aggressive strikes. Just hit the rocks and the RkCrawler 55 does the rest while rocking the school of fish like no other crank bait! The hot Red Bug color is back in stock.

Molix Nano Jig - MORE COLORS & SIZES
Molix Nano Jig - MORE COLORS & SIZES  June 12, 2018

The Nano Jig is designed for finesse applications when a subtle and natural presentation is required. It is an evolution of the Racing Jig head to which was added the ultra-fine silicone skirt and reinforced weed guard, ideal for a perfect presentation inside thick covers. Colors Brown, Ghiaccio Camo, Hot Tiger, Red Tiger, Watermelon Special, White Shad, and Wild Craw expand our selection with the addition of the 3/16 oz as well.

Molix Sneaky Frog - NEW FROG
Molix Sneaky Frog - NEW FROG  June 11, 2018

Get "sneaky" with the Molix Sneaky Frog! The Sneaky Frog perfectly combines strength and durability in a frog lure making it the topwater lure it was born to be! It offers the perfect presentation whether you're walking the dog or just using a simple slide and stop retrieve. The lifelike body style and 3D colors give it a captivating pattern for any critter willing to come to the surface!

Molix Shad 100 - NEW SOFT BAIT
Molix Shad 100 - NEW SOFT BAIT  June 11, 2018

The updated version of their popular 4" Molix Shad, the Molix Shad 100 is designed for fresh and saltwater. As in the larger versions, the blade inserted underneath the belly causes high frequency vibrations which stimulate the interest of fish that are even far away!