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Bandit 100, 200, 300 Series - NEW COLORS
Bandit 100, 200, 300 Series - NEW COLORS  February 21, 2017

Check out six new colors in the Bandit 100, 200, and 300 Series of crankbaits: Bone Orange Belly, Bruised, Chocolate Tiger, Fancy Bluegill, Neon Shad, and Viral Perch.

Zoom Baits - NEW COLOR
Zoom Baits - NEW COLOR  February 21, 2017

Check out new color Huckleberry from Zoom Baits!

Gary Yamamoto Zako Swimbait - NEW LURE
Gary Yamamoto Zako Swimbait - NEW LURE  February 21, 2017

The new Zako Swimbait was designed by Elite angler Brett Hite, and it's his bait of choice as a swimbait trailer when he's slinging chatterbaits or he's in the mood to flip. It mimics a bluegill or a shad, but with a fish profile with a bigger belly and beefy enough to hold a hook or jig. Additionally, the tail is designed with accordion-style cuts and a flanged tail which keeps the action minimal, similar to an actual baitfish. Hookset ratios are also improved as the tail folds in on itself when the fish bite.

Gary Yamamoto Sanshouo Salamander - NEW LURE
Gary Yamamoto Sanshouo Salamander - NEW LURE  February 21, 2017

This bait can be flipped, pitched and punched, rigged on a Carolina rig, Texas rig or fished on a swing head or a football head. The Sanshouo excels throughout the water column. It's fashioned to resemble a waterdog, a sculpin, a goby or a bluegill - with a distinct profile that fish don't see all of the time. Whether you're on Lake Erie fishing for trophy smallmouth, at Okeechobee punching heavy mats, or sight fishing and flipping in California, this bait will perform. Try it on a chatterbait when you want your bladed jig to have more vibration than with a more subtle slotted bait, or put it on the back of a swim jig, or fish it all by itself.

GrandeBass Snake'O
GrandeBass Snake'O  February 21, 2017

The GrandeBass 5" Snake'O delivers an unbelievable action, including extreme tail shimmering and movement that bass just can't resist, and no stick bait is as flexible or durable either. The Snake'O is loaded with Mega3 scent and micro salt as well for added fish attraction and may be the only stick-type bait that stands straight up on a shakey head rig. An amazing addition to the bass catching - first of its kind - RattleSnake line of baits, the Snake'O is extremely versatile.