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Rapala 4-inch Ceramic Utility Knife - NEW IN TOOLS & ACCESSORIES
Rapala 4-inch Ceramic Utility Knife - NEW IN TOOLS & ACCESSORIES  September 24, 2021

These knives feature a super-sharp, super-tough ceramic blade. 2X sharper and 15X edge retainment compared to steel. That all translates to, you never need to sharpen them. Lightweight, non-porous and incredibly corrosion resistant, they never rust. Molded soft grip handle for ultimate comfort. Compression sheath holds tight for safe storage and transportation.

13 Fishing Whipper Snapper - NOW AVAILABLE
13 Fishing Whipper Snapper - NOW AVAILABLE  September 24, 2021

If you want to catch the biggest fish in the tournament, throw this. The slim, erratic profile was designed to slash and dart through the water column providing a tremendously tantalizing effect. Rigged with those sticky sharp VMC chemically sharpened black nickel hooks to ensure optimal landing ratio.

13 Fishing Spin Walker - NOW AVAILABLE
13 Fishing Spin Walker - NOW AVAILABLE  September 24, 2021

Walk the dog style baits have been calling for an upgrade for a long time, and now they’ve got an answer. 13 Fishing added a bottom positioned prop and clacker that gives off a beguiling sputter whether twitched side to side or retrieved directly. This spear is tipped with VMC premium PTFE coated hybrid treble hooks that make penetrating tough mouthed species child's play.

13 Fishing Joy Stick Rabbit Ear Tail Worm - MORE COLORS & SIZES
13 Fishing Joy Stick Rabbit Ear Tail Worm - MORE COLORS & SIZES  September 24, 2021

With the nose down, it hovers and pulses to send out temptation while the Rabbit Ears send out sultry vibrations. Luring in fish with vigorous intentions that have never seen anything like it. Deliver the Donkey Sauce infused perpetrator through, over, or swimming it to cover larger areas and distribute the success. We've added color Black & Tan along with Blueberry Yum Yum, Collard Greens, OG Sour, and Pimpin Purple in the 5" size.

13 Fishing Pleasure Shad - NOW AVAILABLE
13 Fishing Pleasure Shad - NOW AVAILABLE  September 23, 2021

Deep ribs at base and end to increase stimulation along with a smooth taper at the base for a secure fit. Designed to swim through the most furrowed cover, Pleasure Shad will be nothing but a joy to fish. And it's infused with Donkey Sauce for extra flavor.