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Recipe Search Results
  55 recipes found for Trout Page 1, recipes 1 - 20
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1. French Trout Kabobs 
Current Rating: 9.50 : 2 votes
2. Barbecued Trout in Lettuce Leaves 
Current Rating: 9.50 : 1 vote
Submitted by Leew
BBQ Trout
3. Trout and Mushroom Terrine 
Current Rating: 9.19 : 26 votes
4. Barbecued Rainbow Trout 
Current Rating: 9.10 : 5 votes
5. Best Darn Trout you can Make with a Beer and Some Tinfoil 
Current Rating: 9.09 : 11 votes
Super easy trout recipe I created in South Dakota, when all I had was a trout, a beer, and some tinfoil.
6. Cornmeal-Crusted Trout With Hazelnut Butter 
Current Rating: 9.00 : 2 votes
7. Broiled Brook Trout with new Potatoes and Spinach 
Current Rating: 9.00 : 1 vote
8. Snowy River Trout 
Current Rating: 9.00 : 1 vote
9. Sweet 'N' Sour Lake Trout 
Current Rating: 9.00 : 1 vote
10. Trout Spread 
Current Rating: 9.00 : 1 vote
Tasty snack spread
11. Bar-B-Q Brown Trout 
Current Rating: 8.69 : 18 votes
Submitted by strap11
This is a great meal that only takes a few minutes of prep/cooking time.
12. Baked-N-Broiled Trout 
Current Rating: 8.67 : 3 votes
Submitted by Leew
Baked and Broiled Trout
13. Super Smoked Trout 
Current Rating: 8.63 : 4 votes
Submitted by fishesandguitars
A succulent, smoke trout. Good for a fishing snack.
14. Trout with Sour Cream-Cucumber Sauce 
Current Rating: 8.63 : 4 votes
This cool cucumber sauce--a blend of tangy ingredients--enhances the flavor of the trout.
15. Grilled Trout With Lemon-Onion Butter 
Current Rating: 8.61 : 9 votes
Submitted by Leew
Grilled trout
16. Barbequed Trout 
Current Rating: 8.00 : 1 vote
Submitted by Leew
BBQ trout
17. Grilled Trout 
Current Rating: 8.00 : 1 vote
Quick, easy and delicious.
18. Quick & Easy Rainbow Trout 
Current Rating: 8.00 : 2 votes
Submitted by pokerplayinfishers
Very easy and wonderful trout entree.
19. Smoked-Trout Spread 
Current Rating: 7.90 : 5 votes
This rich spread goes best with plain crackers such as unsalted saltines or Carr's Table Water Crackers.
20. Pan-Fried Brook Trout with Greens 
Current Rating: 7.29 : 7 votes
Like to cook outdoors? Here's a great way to prepare a fresh catch.

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