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Shimano World Crank 73F Flash Boost



Shimano's BOOST CONCEPT technology triumphs in the depths with the introduction of World Crank 73F FLASH BOOST, a mid-depth crankbait designed with a distinct action to elicit bites from trophy fish. Featuring Shimano's proprietary FLASH BOOST technology — a foil suspended on micro springs within the body of the lure — the World Crank emits a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even when paused. The lure's large front lip creates an aggressive swimming action that reaches depths of 10 to 12 feet with a constant retrieve. FLASH BOOST technology proves deadly during the retrieve when attacking deep strikes zones. When paused, the lure slowly rises with a wobble that activates FLASH BOOST to resemble the quivering action of a wounded baitfish. The WC-73F FB also capitalizes on Shimano's JET BOOST technology to increase casting distance, enabling an angler to work the water column more efficiently. SCALE BOOST Technology utilizes composite-pitch holograms to provide the WC-73F FB with lifelike scale patterns to fool even the wariest of trophy bass. Dive deep with Shimano's BOOST CONCEPT, fish the World Crank FB.

  • Weight: 5/8 oz (17 g)
  • Length: 2 7/8" (73 mm)
  • Type: Floating
  • Depth: 10-12 ft (3-3.6 m)

  • FLASH BOOST: Mirror plate continues to reflect. Unique structure. Shimano engineered its innovative and revolutionary FLASH BOOST technology to constantly emit a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve, even on the pause. FLASH BOOST technology suspends reflective foil on micro springs within the clear section of the lure body and provides an action designed to mimic the movements and flashing behavior of an injured baitfish. Entice bites from even the most finicky of fish with FLASH BOOST technology.
  • JET BOOST: Shimano designed JET BOOST lure technology to give anglers the upper hand by increasing casting distance and accuracy compared to a lure of similar weight and dimensions. JET BOOST lure technology capitalizes on the centrifugal force of an angler's cast by allowing the internal weight to slide to the back of the lure during the backcast and then spring forward as the lure projects through the air. As the lure hits the water, the JET BOOST technology rebalances the lure and enables the lure to have a lifelike action when retrieving.
  • SCALE BOOST: Shimano designed SCALE BOOST lure technology with its exclusive composite- pitch holograms that mimic realistic patterns of baitfish scales. Compared to lures with single-pitch holograms, SCALE BOOST technology capitalizes on composite-pitch holograms to increase the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water. The result: A lineup of lures featuring the realistic baitfish patterns of SCALE BOOST lure technology that will draw aggressive bites from trophy fish.

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