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Shimano Company Information
At Shimano, we're in the business of producing bicycle components and sport fishing equipment, recreational tools whose value is determined by how well they perform in the hands of the people who use them. Our business philosophy is based on developing products that help people to interact with nature through the outdoor activities they love.

To some, fishing is a sport, others say that it's a game, and some insist that it's a natural skill. However, we define fishing as a special activity, unique in its ability to help us appreciate the great outdoors in a personal way. Fishing allows us to commune with nature in contemplative solitude, or to enjoy nature in the company of friends who also love the sport. Fishing is also a great way to spend quality time with the family away from urban distractions. The sport is unique in its ability to refresh us both in body and spirit.

At Shimano, we're working to enhance the fishing experience with rods and reels designed according to the latest advances in biomechanical engineering. At Shimano, we don't design sport-fishing products just to put new models on the market, but to take advantage of the latest knowledge gained from our research into human engineering. This is why our fishing rods are incredibly strong in relation to their lightweight, and why our reels conform to the natural contours and movements of the hands while working with the precise mechanical action of a fine timepiece.

Shimano fishing equipment is designed to satisfy user demands on every level. The polished high-tech appearance appeals to the eye, the precision operation to the hand, and the overall performance to the sportsman's heart. It's advanced technology that's applied on a human scale to enhance human performance.

Shimano warrants that all its products will be free from non-conformities in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During this period, Shimano will, at their discretion: · perform repairs · replace reels With no cost to you other than shipping charges incurred to our service facility. Warranty is void if rod or reel is found to have been subjected to abuse, damages, or lack of maintenance. Calcutta, Compre & V Rods: Limited Warranty Shimano warrants that any of these rods will be free from non-comformities in materials and workmanship for an unlimited period. Warranty is void if rod or reel is found to have been subjected to abuse, damages, or lack of maintenance. Calais and Stella reels: Platinum Service When you submit your Warranty Registration Card for either the Calais or Stella reels, you will receive coupons for discounts on clean and lubes (from half off to free!). Also included are Priority Shipping labels guaranteeing a 48-hour turn around time from Shimano or any of its Authorized Warranty Centers.

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