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Fishing Jokes
75 jokes online. Click to view each joke. You can rate each joke. You can post comments on each joke. We hope you enjoy this section. Submit your fishing jokes to LBF

View Title Rating
View Joke Salmon/Bear Movie Clip 9.02
View Joke The weekend's shot 8.93
View Joke White Man 8.73
View Joke North Dakota SALESMAN 8.73
View Joke Redneck Measuring Tape 8.67
View Joke Promises to Wife 8.63
View Joke How to Launch a PWC 8.55
View Joke The Farmer, The Warden, The Dynamite 8.54
View Joke Lady Over Paying For Tackle 8.53
View Joke Drunk Moose Hunting 8.44
View Joke Doctor Convention 8.41
View Joke Fishin in Cajon Country 8.39
View Joke Redneck Boat 8.38
View Joke You might be a fisherman if... 8.35
View Joke Why I don't Ice Fish Movie Clip 8.29
View Joke Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping 8.22
View Joke Fishing for a Sale 8.19
View Joke Old man rocking on his porch 8.13
View Joke Bill Dance Bloopers 8.06
View Joke Three blondes fishing 8.04
View Joke A Woman Who Reads 8.00
View Joke Bad Weather Surprise 8.00
View Joke Sounds a Little Fishy 7.95
View Joke Frustrated Game Warden 7.91
View Joke The Chase 7.89
View Joke Talking Frog 7.89
View Joke Borrowing The #@ Oars 7.79
View Joke Blonde Ice Fishing 7.73
View Joke The Biggest Bass Never Caught 7.71
View Joke 18 Reasons why Fishing is better than Sex 7.67
View Joke Nun Catches Strange Looking Fish 7.54
View Joke JEFF FOXWORTHY'S Top 10 Reasons you might be a Redneck Fisherman 7.43
View Joke Walking My Pet Fish 7.38
View Joke Things You Should Never Say at a Strange Tackle Shop 7.34
View Joke The Trick To Ice Fishing 7.26
View Joke ''X'' marks the spot 7.22
View Joke God has a Permit 7.18
View Joke Marriage License vs Fishing License 7.14
View Joke True Fishing Terms 7.03
View Joke Safe My Drowning Wife 7.00
View Joke The Fighting Chicken 6.96
View Joke Getting Pulled In 6.89
View Joke Walleye Ice Fishing Song 6.87
View Joke Jesus Helps Three Fishermen 6.67
View Joke Cheating Husband Boat 6.53
View Joke 10 Common Fishing Terms Explained 6.43
View Joke Boy Goes to Church Instead of Fishing 6.38
View Joke Catching Dinner 6.18
View Joke How to hunt polar bear with peas 6.17
View Joke Great White Approach 6.09
View Joke $75.00 Fish 6.08
View Joke Boat for Sale 5.97
View Joke The Fishing Priest 5.82
View Joke Glossary of Terms 5.71
View Joke Summer Fishing Job 5.42
View Joke Strange Bait Indeed 5.37
View Joke 10 Clues That You’ve Chosen The Wrong Fishing Guide 5.19
View Joke How Aliens Go Fishing 5.18
View Joke Man Helping Man? 5.17
View Joke Campbells New Fish Soup 5.16
View Joke Pea Fishing 5.06
View Joke Deacon walks on water 4.67
View Joke Losing The Big One 4.54
View Joke The Deserted Fisherman 4.53
View Joke Catching My Pet Fish 4.45
View Joke Bragging on the Size 4.25
View Joke Defination Of A Fisherman 3.88
View Joke License mix up 3.87
View Joke Great Fishing 3.64
View Joke A Cold Winter Fishing Trip 3.39
View Joke How Many Points was it? 3.36
View Joke Frogs and Bourbon 3.20
View Joke Ice Fishing Derby Winner 2.93
View Joke Patience is a virtue 2.41
View Joke Drunk Trout Fisherman 2.20

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