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Fishing Information

I remember my first time running a trot-line was the summer I turned 15. I spent the summer with my grandfather in Alabama. His house had a river practically right outside his back door, so we ran a trot-line across it baited for catfish. We would go out and check the line every morning and every evening for about a week. We filled the deep freezer with catfish, I learned how to run a trot-line and learned how to clean catfish. It was a good summer.

Personal Background

I'm married and have 2 boys, ages 9 and 10. I also have another child on the way due April 2009. I grew up in Las Vegas and had few opportunities to fish, but have always enjoyed fishing when I could. Currently I live in Florida and work for Publix.

My Fishing Favorites

Lure #1: none supplied Lake (State): Lake Parker (Florida)
Lure #2: none supplied Fishing Rod: none supplied
Lure #3: none supplied Fishing Reel: none supplied
Technique #1: none supplied Fishing Line: Spiderwire
Technique #2: none supplied Time of Year: none supplied
Technique #3: none supplied Fishing Store: none supplied
Fish #1: none supplied Fishing Partner: My wife and kids.
Fish #2: none supplied Attractant: none supplied
Fish #3: none supplied Tournament Trail: none supplied
Fishing Book: none supplied Fishing Video: none supplied

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