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New Fish Bites Flavor 'Shrimp Scent'

New Fish Bites Flavor 'Shrimp Scent' New Fish Bites Flavor 'Shrimp Scent'
By Jim Hammond

Today I had the opportunity to use a new Fish Bites Flavor or Scent, Shrimp.

We started out today in the creeks with our plugs, first top water and then divers. We threw them at oyster mounds and the grass edges and even some deep drops. We then tried mud minnows on lead head jigs with only a couple of small fish to show for these efforts. It was getting late and these guys wanted to take some fish home and I only knew of one or two more tricks to get this done.

I knew that there was a few nice croakers in a spot that I found last week, so off croaker fishing we were. I slipped into the spot and eased the anchor over, trying not to disturb the few fish that I knew would be there.

The first drop was with shrimp and right away they were hooked up and from the way the rod was bending it seemed to be nice fish. After a little persuasion two nice fish came to the boat. This was working, we had been there about two minutes and already had two nice fish. We continued with this action for a while longer and the more that came aboard the slower the bite was. I then remembered that I had some of the new Fish Bites shrimp flavor. I opened the pack and with my trusty $1.99 scissors, I cut some of them into small 1/4" x 1/4" pieces and placed one on the top hook of one clients rigs and on the one piece on the bottom hook of the other clients rig. We were using a double rig as I have written about in previous articles.

This time the hook up was immediate, for both of them and to their surprise each fish was on the Fish Bites. I unhooked the fish threw them into the cooler and down they each went on their way to another fish. Not long after their rig made contact with the bottom, up came another croaker on each rod and the fish were on the same piece of Fish Bites that I had placed on the hook before the first fish. That is one of the best things about Fish Bites, you can usually catch several fish on the same piece before they get it off of the hook. We fished this spot for about another thirty minutes before it played out and when it was all said and done they would not let me put shrimp on the hook, they wanted Fish Bites.

The decision to croaker fish turned out to be the right choice, as they had about 30 nice fish to take home for dinner. Good thing I had my Fish Bites.

When we returned to Clapboard Creek Fish Camp, I loaded the boat and went in to get a cold drink. I asked Bob, "have seen my guys" and he pointed to the Fish Bites display. I turned to see what they were doing just about the time they were deciding what color of Fish Bites to buy. I sort of grinned because to date, every time that I use Fish Bites, my customers cant wait to get back to Clapboard and get some.

If you do not have any in your tackle bag, you are missing out on a killer bait.

Capt. Jim Hammond

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