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Crankbaits 0' - 5' Shallow Return to Top
Mira Shad
Cultiva Mira Shad

$ 9.99
Ultra Light Minnow
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow

Starting at $ 5.69
Ultra Light Shad
Rapala Ultra Light Shad

$ 5.89
Rebel Bighopper

$ 5.19
Bumble Bug
Rebel Bumble Bug

$ 5.19
Rebel Crickhopper

$ 5.39
Deep Teeny Wee-Crawfish
Rebel Deep Teeny Wee-Crawfish

$ 5.39
Micro Crawfish
Rebel Micro Crawfish

$ 3.49
Micro Crickhopper
Rebel Micro Crickhopper

$ 3.49
Micro Critter Lure Kits
Rebel Micro Critter Lure Kits

$ 9.39
Micro Minnow
Rebel Micro Minnow

$ 3.49
Middle Wee Crawfish
Rebel Middle Wee Crawfish

$ 5.19

(New Product)
Teeny Wake-R
Rebel Teeny Wake-R

$ 4.39
Teeny Wee-Crawfish
Rebel Teeny Wee-Crawfish

Starting at $ 5.19
Tracdown Micro Crawfish
Rebel Tracdown Micro Crawfish

$ 3.49

(New Product)
Tracdown Micro Minnow
Rebel Tracdown Micro Minnow

$ 3.49

(New Product)
Ultralights Hellgrammite
Rebel Ultralights Hellgrammite

$ 5.19
Crankbaits 6' - 16' Medium Return to Top
Brad's Wiggler Crankbaits
Brad's Killer Fishing Gear Brad's Wiggler Crankbaits

$ 5.69
Live Target Yellow Perch
Koppers Live Target Yellow Perch

$ 12.99
CountDown Minnow
Rapala CountDown Minnow

Starting at $ 5.59
Shad Rap RS
Rapala Shad Rap RS

$ 5.89

(New Colors Available)
Deep Wee
Rebel Deep Wee

$ 5.19
Floating Minnows
Rebel Floating Minnows

Starting at $ 3.49
Tracdown Ghost Minnow TD47
Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow TD47

$ 6.09
Tracdown Minnows
Rebel Tracdown Minnows

$ 4.39
Ultralights Wee Frog
Rebel Ultralights Wee Frog

$ 5.19
Rebel Wee-Crawfish

Starting at $ 5.19
Hornet Crankbait
Salmo Lures Hornet Crankbait

$ 6.99
Crankbaits Lipless Return to Top
Tiny Rat-L-Trap
Bill Lewis Tiny Rat-L-Trap

$ 5.49
Suspending Super Spot
Cotton Cordell Suspending Super Spot

$ 3.49
Live Target Golden Shiner
Koppers Live Target Golden Shiner

$ 12.99
Rattlin' Rapala
Rapala Rattlin' Rapala

Starting at $ 4.19
Rebel Raider

$ 4.39
Zipper Lipless Crankbait
Salmo Lures Zipper Lipless Crankbait

$ 8.99
Creatures Return to Top
Saltwater Shrimp Cocktail
Bass Assassin Saltwater Shrimp Cocktail

$ 4.99
Berkley PowerBait Minnow

$ 4.39
Mauler Shrimp
Deadly Dudley Mauler Shrimp

$ 4.19
Vudu Shrimp
Egret Baits Vudu Shrimp

Starting at $ 6.99
Scented ShrimpZ
Z-Man Scented ShrimpZ

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Gobies, Leeches & Darters Return to Top
Sculpin Hypertail
Jewel Sculpin Hypertail

$ 2.99
Grub Leech
Slimers Grub Leech

$ 5.99
Slimers Minny

$ 5.99
Hard Body Swimbaits Return to Top
Dying Trout Swimbait
Bettencourt Baits Dying Trout Swimbait

$ 39.99

(New Product)
Realis Onimasu 188S
DUO Realis Onimasu 188S

$ 45.99

(New Product)
Hard Trout (slow sink) Swimbait
Real Fish Bait Company Hard Trout (slow sink) Swimbait

$ 23.99
Inline Spinnerbaits Return to Top
Mac Daddy In Line Spinner Combo
Bass Assassin Mac Daddy In Line Spinner Combo

$ 6.49
Red Daddy Spinnerbait
Bass Assassin Red Daddy Spinnerbait

$ 4.79
Colorado Spinner
Hildebrandt Colorado Spinner

Starting at $ 3.79
Flicker Spinner
Hildebrandt Flicker Spinner

Starting at $ 3.49
Short Striker Classics
Joe's Flies Short Striker Classics

$ 2.89
Super Strikers Spinner Fly
Joe's Flies Super Strikers Spinner Fly

$ 3.29
Woolly Bugger Spinners
Joe's Flies Woolly Bugger Spinners

$ 2.99
Aglia Dressed Treble Spinner
Mepps Aglia Dressed Treble Spinner

Starting at $ 5.19
Aglia Plain Treble Spinner
Mepps Aglia Plain Treble Spinner

Starting at $ 3.59
Black Fury
Mepps Black Fury

Starting at $ 5.19
Jerk Baits & Shad Return to Top
Saltwater 4-inch Curly Shad
Bass Assassin Saltwater 4-inch Curly Shad

$ 3.99
Saltwater Shad
Bass Assassin Saltwater Shad

$ 4.99
Saltwater Shad Combo
Bass Assassin Saltwater Shad Combo

$ 3.69
Shad Assassins
Bass Assassin Shad Assassins

$ 4.99
Realistix Power Minnow
Berkley PowerBait Realistix Power Minnow

$ 4.79
10-inch Swurm
YUM 10-inch Swurm

$ 7.79
YUM Swurm

$ 3.19
ElaZtech Trout Trick
Z-Man ElaZtech Trout Trick

$ 4.99

(New Product)
Scented Jerk ShadZ
Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Jerkbaits Return to Top
Jointed Long A
Bomber Jointed Long A

$ 6.49
Long A
Bomber Long A

$ 5.69

(New Colors Available)
Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet

$ 4.79
Bomber Saltwater Grade Wind-Cheater

$ 7.79
Deep Diving Red-Fin
Cotton Cordell Deep Diving Red-Fin

$ 7.59
Angry Eye Predator
P-Line Angry Eye Predator

$ 7.39
Jointed Minnow
Rebel Jointed Minnow

Starting at $ 5.19
Floating Rattlin' Rogue
Smithwick Floating Rattlin' Rogue

$ 6.59
Suspending Rattlin' Rogue
Smithwick Suspending Rattlin' Rogue

$ 6.59
Top 20 Rogue
Smithwick Top 20 Rogue

$ 7.39

(New Product)
Lures Return to Top
Power Floating Trout Worm
Berkley PowerBait Power Floating Trout Worm

$ 4.39
Rigs & Harnesses Return to Top
Reaction Squids
P-Line Reaction Squids

$ 3.59
Saltwater : Crank / Jerk Baits Return to Top
Pro-Wake Saltwater Crankbait
Livingston Lures Pro-Wake Saltwater Crankbait

$ 11.99
Catch 5 - S25MR Suspending Twitchbait
MirrOlure Catch 5 - S25MR Suspending Twitchbait

$ 7.99
Top Dog Jr 84MR
MirrOlure Top Dog Jr 84MR

$ 7.49
Shakeyhead & Casting Jigheads Return to Top
Stand-Up Jig Head
Bomber Saltwater Grade Stand-Up Jig Head

$ 5.09
Redfish Eye Jigheads
Z-Man Redfish Eye Jigheads

$ 4.99

(New Product)
Trout Eye Jigheads
Z-Man Trout Eye Jigheads

$ 4.99

(New Product)
Soft Body Frogs Return to Top
Ribbit Frog
Stanley Ribbit Frog

$ 4.79
Soft Body Swimbaits Return to Top
Saltwater Die Dapper
Bass Assassin Saltwater Die Dapper

$ 4.69
Premium Swimbaits
Big Hammer Premium Swimbaits

Starting at $ 3.99
Terror Tails
Deadly Dudley Terror Tails

$ 4.19
Hybrids Flurry Minnow Magic
Edge Products Hybrids Flurry Minnow Magic

$ 4.49
Live-Forage Mini Swim Bait
Northland Live-Forage Mini Swim Bait

$ 2.99
Sanddab-Swimbait Body
Real Fish Bait Company Sanddab-Swimbait Body

Starting at $ 5.99
Z-Man MinnowZ

$ 3.49

(New Product)
Scented PaddlerZ
Z-Man Scented PaddlerZ

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Scented PogyZ
Z-Man Scented PogyZ

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Slim SwimZ
Z-Man Slim SwimZ

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Swimmin' TroutTrick
Z-Man Swimmin' TroutTrick

$ 5.99

(New Product)
Spoons & Blade Baits Return to Top
K.O. Wobbler
Acme K.O. Wobbler

Starting at $ 4.89
Kastmaster Spoon
Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Starting at $ 2.49
Kastmaster Spoon w/ Bucktail
Acme Kastmaster Spoon w/ Bucktail

Starting at $ 4.29
Little Cleo
Acme Little Cleo

Starting at $ 2.79
Phoebe Spoon
Acme Phoebe Spoon

Starting at $ 3.69
Acme Side-Winder

Starting at $ 3.99
Acme Wob-L-Rite

Starting at $ 3.79
Slab Spoon
Bomber Slab Spoon

$ 2.39
Who Dat Metal Spoon
Bomber Saltwater Grade Who Dat Metal Spoon

$ 5.79
Crippled Herring
Luhr-Jensen Crippled Herring

Starting at $ 4.29
Super Duper
Luhr-Jensen Super Duper

$ 3.29
1/2 oz Scorpion Spoon
Michigan Stinger 1/2 oz Scorpion Spoon

$ 5.19
Light Weight Scorpion Spoon
Michigan Stinger Light Weight Scorpion Spoon

$ 4.99
Magnum Stinger Spoon
Michigan Stinger Magnum Stinger Spoon

$ 6.49
Stick Baits Return to Top
Slim Senko
Gary Yamamoto Slim Senko

$ 4.99
Straight Tail Worms Return to Top
Saltwater Worms
Deadly Dudley Saltwater Worms

$ 4.19
Swimbaits Return to Top
BBZ-1 Jr Swimbait
Spro BBZ-1 Jr Swimbait

$ 20.99
Topwater Baits Return to Top
Badonk-A-Donk SS
Bomber Saltwater Grade Badonk-A-Donk SS

Starting at $ 7.29
Saltwater Chug'n Spook
Heddon Saltwater Chug'n Spook

$ 6.99
Saltwater One Knocker Spook
Heddon Saltwater One Knocker Spook

$ 6.99
Super Spook
Heddon Super Spook

$ 6.49
Zara Spook
Heddon Zara Spook

Starting at $ 6.09
Saltwater Series Mullet Walking Bait
Koppers Saltwater Series Mullet Walking Bait

$ 10.99
Top Dog 94MR
MirrOlure Top Dog 94MR

$ 7.49
Skitter Pop
Rapala Skitter Pop

Starting at $ 9.09
Crickhopper Popper
Rebel Crickhopper Popper

$ 5.19
Micro Pop-R
Rebel Micro Pop-R

$ 3.49
Saltwater Super Pop-R
Rebel Saltwater Super Pop-R

$ 6.09
Pop ShadZ
Z-Man Pop ShadZ

$ 4.59
Underspins Return to Top
Speckled Trout Magic Saltwater
Strike King Speckled Trout Magic Saltwater

$ 3.59

(New Product)
Beads, Tickers & Swivels Return to Top
Hi Speed Rolling Treble Swivels
P-Line Hi Speed Rolling Treble Swivels

$ 4.29
Rolling Barrel Swivel
P-Line Rolling Barrel Swivel

$ 2.59
Boating Return to Top
Power Honey Worm
Berkley - PowerBait Power Honey Worm

$ 3.79
Bobbers & Corks Return to Top
Paradise Popper X-Treme
Bomber Saltwater Grade Paradise Popper X-Treme

$ 5.79
Carolina, Nail & Specialty Weights Return to Top
Triple Swivel Weight
Voss Weights Triple Swivel Weight

Starting at $ 2.49
Drop Shot & Wacky Hooks Return to Top
Octopus Light Wire Hook
Gamakatsu Octopus Light Wire Hook

$ 2.49

(New Product)
Knives & Cleaning Tools Return to Top
Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife
Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

$ 55.39
Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife Combo
Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife Combo

$ 85.39
Pliers, Scissors & Cutters Return to Top
Abel Nipper

Starting at $ 25.00
Abel Pliers

Starting at $ 220.00
Rod & Reel Accessories Return to Top
Metal Clip Bells
Pucci Metal Clip Bells

$ 1.29
Snaps & Split Rings Return to Top
Tournament Snap
Gamakatsu Tournament Snap

$ 5.99
Rolling Barrel Swivel w/ Crosslock Snap
P-Line Rolling Barrel Swivel w/ Crosslock Snap

$ 3.59
Terminal Tackle Return to Top
Single Egg Barb On Shank Hook
Gamakatsu Single Egg Barb On Shank Hook

Starting at $ 2.99

(New Colors Available)
(New Sizes Available)
Line: Fly Return to Top
Precision Trout Sink Tip Type 3 Fly Line
Cortland Precision Trout Sink Tip Type 3 Fly Line

$ 55.00
Reels: Casting Reels Return to Top
Chronarch G Low Profile Casting Reel
Shimano Chronarch G Low Profile Casting Reel

$ 279.99

(New Product)
Curado 70 Low Profile Casting Reel
Shimano Curado 70 Low Profile Casting Reel

$ 199.99
Rods: Casting Rods Return to Top
Bass: Swimbait Series Casting Rods
G.Loomis Bass: Swimbait Series Casting Rods

Sale - Save 30%
$ 210.00
Tackle Videos - 2 Videos
Bettencourt Baits Dying Trout Swimbait
Dying Trout Swimbait

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