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Venator Spinnerbait
Molix Venator Spinnerbait

$ 10.99
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Aglia Plain Treble Spinner
Mepps Aglia Plain Treble Spinner

Starting at $ 3.99
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Aglia Dressed Treble Spinner
Mepps Aglia Dressed Treble Spinner

$ 5.99
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Premium Swimbaits
Big Hammer Premium Swimbaits

Starting at $ 3.99
Ultimate Gill 2 Series
Matt Lures Ultimate Gill 2 Series

$ 17.99
WildEye Live Sunfish
Storm WildEye Live Sunfish

Starting at $ 5.49
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Money $tick
FYAO Outfitters Money $tick

Starting at $ 4.39

(New Product)
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Bubbling Shaker
Reins Bubbling Shaker

Starting at $ 4.99

(New Colors Available)
(New Sizes Available)
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IMA Japan HeliPs

$ 16.99
HeliPs Grande
IMA Japan HeliPs Grande

$ 17.99

(New Product)
Sunfish Hollow Body
LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body

$ 12.99
Prop Fish Sunfish
Lunkerhunt Prop Fish Sunfish

$ 8.99

(New Product)
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Two Arm Spreader
Catchmore Two Arm Spreader

$ 3.99

(New Product)
Tackle Videos - 1 Video
LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body
Sunfish Hollow Body

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