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Fishing Information

Well, the one that got away .. I'd have to say would be yesterday as a matter of fact ... but, we all got a good look at him before he bent my hook out. We estimated him to be about a 70 pound flat head cat. But, about 4 hours later I landed a huge common carp .. we didn't have scale or measure him, but he was easily between 25 to 35 pounds ... I at least got pictures of that one ... I'll post them as soon as I get them developed. I love fishing for Carp and Cats ... I've developed a special carp bait that I bake myself and it never fails ... I sometimes sell it out at Perdenales State Falls.

Personal Background

I am a 38 year old single white male in Austin, TX. I started fishing at an early age with my mother along the coast of Texas ... she was a great angler and needless to say we didn't have to spend much money on food growing up ... cause bait is cheap! She and I would hit the coast or Baffin Bay about twice a week. I miss Salt Water fishing it's been a long time ... now, I've been in Austin for about 15 years now, and have adjusted to the slower pace of fresh water fishing. My friends and I try to go fishing at least once a week ... and usually spend between 10 to 24 hours with our poles in the water on every outing. When I'm not fishing I work as a television producer for many of those crappy reality TV shows you see .. I apologize for that .. lol .. I also write and perform music and standup comedy. That's pretty much me in a nut shell.

My Fishing Favorites

Lure #1: Too many to choose from Lake (State): Lake Travis, TX
Lure #2: Depends on the weather and time of day Fishing Rod: Have about 10 of em
Lure #3: none supplied Fishing Reel: alot of those too! hehehe
Technique #1: Now that's a secret ...but it works! Fishing Line: Spider Wire of course!
Technique #2: none supplied Time of Year: All Year
Technique #3: none supplied Fishing Store: Cabellas
Fish #1: none supplied Fishing Partner: Sam Roberts and Shelton Green
Fish #2: none supplied Attractant: Home made bait .. special recipe
Fish #3: none supplied Tournament Trail: none supplied
Fishing Book: none supplied Fishing Video: none supplied

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