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Fletcher Quill
Adventures of Fletcher Quill
This ongoing fly fiction titled "Adventures of Fletcher Quill " will be updated each month. Quill an international rogue fly tier/fly fisher is usually caught up in one hair brain scheme or another attempting to aquire the rarest fly tying materials that he buys on the black market. His rare flies are highly sought after by other possessed fly fisher types who covet his one of a kind creations tied with the most elusive feathers and materials he can somehow buy. Fletcher lives the semi solitary quiet life ensconced in his ancient Northern Ireland Castle with his Abyssinian Cat Timba. Life is never ordinary and guests are usually amazed at the complexity and spirituality that cloaks the castle like tully fog on the wet bogs...

Dan Fallon welcomes your feedback about his work. He can be reached by email at fallonfly@ev1.net

January 2011  January 2011

Supreme Court or Play time almost over Cowboy!  December 2010

Kimmy Jung Ill HD Interview with Jimmy F.? Italian Goddess  November 2010

Time for healing and reflecting - Boy President in repose licking his wounds  October 2010

Yosemite deep North coming up or Black Messiah explodes in the world media?  September 2010

Black Messiah cut long deep & wide! Next stop Deep Yosemite North Woods Baby!  August 2010

Zoological Mind bending at its best - Next stop Deep into Yosemite’s north country  July 2010

Black Massiah Does Frisco? Yosemite Park Fly Adventure ?   June 2010

Blond Chaos awaits or Peace & Quiet Finally!  May 2010

Last Dance for Pricktator? Justice is served!  April 2010

Party Time Raven's Haven be Rockin Tumblin Fumblin - Tony Baby Relax here Come The Judge Baby!  March 2010

No where to run, no place to hide ! Supreme Court waits like ravenous dogs for new meat !  Fenruary 2010

Supream Court Justice - Master Of Raven's Haven - Captain Of His Own Ship!!  January 2010

A new Supreme Court Justice is ordained ? Maybe General Quill will be nominated for the Nobel ?  December 2009

Day three Confirmation a slam Dunk ? Quill's Bioooches out of control finally?  November 2009

General Quill the next Supream Court Justice ? Senator Fiensteen and Nurse Caron kill !  October 2009

Who is this Mr. Radio Dude? Supream Court Confirmation Coming Up Baby !!!  September 2009

Quill on the Supream Court? Irish health reform Indeed!  August 2009

Speaker of what house exactly sugar? Socialist States Of America my Irish ass  July 2009

Dazed & confused in Blondness ? Time is short for old school player?  June 2009

A Seriousasassssss Sea Change in the Quill Bioooch Dept ? Paris buried alive in the Blue's !  May 2009

Like me old Pal Bobby ( way tooo much Tang ) Weir used to speak  April 2009

Buried alive in the Blues? Paris Café scene dying ? Next Stop Ravens Haven Baby!  March 2009

Paris welcomes immigrent prodigal son? Will down dirty Chicago Blues get it all restarted?  February 2009

The worm turns or maybe Doctor Fallon can patch up the world economy?  January 2009

When the Lord gets ready, you gotta move! - A time for tears?  December 2008

Raven's Haven Bound - Harking barking for the feel of fly rods and Irish Single Malts  Novemer 2008

Insane off the hook Dinner? Blonds going with the program  October 2008

Welcome aboard Captain Trips- Next Stop Graceland Baby  September 2008

Strangers In The Night!  August 2008

Russia Bound? Putin Anti Christ?  July 2008

The end of Quill's Marine life? Will he survive the wounds?  June 2008

Hand of fate won't be late! Go time for the day trippers?  May 2008

Ahhhh, is this a dream for our Boy? Blond Nirvana he is ON A?  April 2008

Blond Chaos rules! How many hot Blonds does it take to break a heart?  March 2008

Blond Showdown? Tooooo many Hen's in the Castle?  February 2008

Castle Games begin -Will three fantastic foursome survive each other?  January 2008

How Bad You Gotta Be? Prodigal Fool Castle Bound Baby  December 2007

Mitchell Bros Eros Feast or, " Excuse me officer I have a special license Sir!"  November 2007

Porn Palace hang or San Francisco where is your seat belt and crash helmet?  October 2007

Is this the beginning of Quill's fat Elvis period? Can Raven's Haven survive Blondplosion?  September 2007

Raven's Haven awash in Blondness! How long till the implosion?  August 2007

Will Paris and Sharon bond? Will La Sharon kill our hero?   July 2007

Fog City's boy mayor better call for backup! King Salmon action over the Atlantic?   June 2007

Frisco Bound - Trouble all around!  May 2007

Dali Lama getting tense with our boy? Low blow bringing Boy Mayor into the fray?  April 2007

Have the young monks gone Hollywood? Will Quill & Duke lead the boys into Indian country?  March 2007

How long will Lama's hang with Quill? Is it all going to Quill's tiny head?  February 2007

Another death in the family? Feasting and more feasting  January 2007

Sera Monastery party palace? Her blondness not showing enough respect?  December 2006

Dukester still kicking? Birthday Boy now legit Shaman? Next up Tibet Kite Olympics.  November 2006

Will the specter of a fallen friend taint this trip? International Tibet Kite Olympics Coming up!  October 2006

Blond meltdown? Barry Bonds set up?  September 2006

Time for Kite Olympics kick off - will the beast and his boys evaporate?  August 2006

Has the Pope become a party animal? How serious is Keith's headache?  July 2006

Good Hunting General Parker, pass the bean dip baby!  June 2006

Is Timba now in the hands of the dark ones or has Ravens Haven become spirit haven?  May 2006

Isis prepares to wash her masters sour feet as Duke Parker, Keith Richards, Dali Lama find there center  April 2006

Is this the final approach for the semi holy triad? Can Abbott Sammy save their fannies?  March 2006

Safe Flight Home for the Semi Holy Triad?  February 2006

Will Timba and Sharon and Duke become one happy family? An old fashioned Irish Holiday  January 2006

Another abduction by Fairies's led by Dali Lama? The Blue Max and General Star's for the boys?  December 2005

Will his holiness bond with her blondness? Can timba hang with duke?  November 2005

Saffron robes for the Cowboy? Dali baby who's your Daddy?   October 2005

Wrestling Kings in the Moon light or left coast lesson's learned?  September 2005

Haight Street special ops rescue or is it time for hail to the new chief baby   August 2005

Next stop Lake Merced or what ever happened to home on the strange range baby?   July 2005

Did Keith Richards find the football? What is next Frisco adventure for the bad boys?   June 2005

Will Quill's Caddy stay on cruise control? Will Quill and the boys get just a tad funky in funky town?   May 2005

Let the water war's begin baby? - Blond mayhem insues?  April 2005

Has Martha lost it or found it? Will the boys share their special cigarettes with the dancing queen?  March 2005

Will Martha rule the day- Has she been introduced to my friends ACDC yet ?  February 2005

Peace and quiet finnaly at the castle? Calm before the storm?   January 2005

Aliens put in their place? Will the Govonator find a new gig?  December 2004

Will Timba get used to vibrating space dudes- will Jason Aki be first man drafted?  November 2004

Will little green dudes and Timba bond? Can Quill survive Martha and Sharon and the aliens? The Govonator is coming?  October 2004

Martha in route and Sharon all about, Quill's plate is full as he feels the Aliens' pull  September 2004

Will Quill and Sharon find nirvana? Has the Cowboy about run out of open range?  August 2004

Will Quill give her blondness the boot? Will Aliens like Timba?   July 2004

Has her blondness remodeled the castle - will Keith and Quill ever be the same?  June 2004

Is this the end of the Glimmer Twins? Will Timba have to go on without his master?  May 2004

Will Keith, Quill & Phil catch trout? Will Jive Boy get very lucky  April 2004

Will Quill & Keith Bond? Will Jive Boy & Sharon start dating  March 2004

All Night Jams or Media Gate Crash  February 2004

Will her Blondess and Badness Find Satisfaction?   January 2004

Ultra Blond meets Bad Boy  November 2003

Will the Models Make the Cut  October 2003

Pandora's Secret Box  Seprember 2003

Raven's Heaven and endless peace and solitude...!  August 2003

Sweetwater Rocks  July 2003

Will Quill hear from his old pal Phil about the Sausalito shoot or will Clare fowl the air?  June 2003

Will the upcoming Sausalito shoot out come to be?  May 2003

Has Cindy Vanished  April 2003

The Peace Fly Trip Begins  March 2003

Marin County Wild Turkey & Coyote Shoot  February 2003

The Castle and Irish Heading  January 2003

Slick & Quill get deep thrills & chills  December 2002

Hanging With The V.P.  November 2002

"Jive Boy" Joins Fly Peace Trip  October 2002

Fitney Tears introduces "Jive Boy"  September 2002

World Peace On The Fly  August 2002

Fly's For World Piece  July 2002

Quill Gets Edgy With Phill & Keeps Digging Up New Thrills!  June 2002

Fletcher & Phil, Two Guys On A Mission  May 2002

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