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Lake Isabella

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Vital Statistics for this Fishing Spot
Nearest City: Bakersfield
County(s): Kern
State: California
Acres: 11,000
Shoreline: 38 miles
Mean Depth: 60'
Max. Depth: 185'
Drainage: 2,093 sq. miles
Lake Type:  
Fish Species: Bluegill, Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, Yellow Bass
Lake Isabella Weather
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Lake Isabella Maps
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Lake Isabella RV Resort
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Catherine | Posted: March 14, 2006

Do you Like Trout Fishing,relaxing in the sun while you fish, and listening to all the "Good Ole Boys" (long time residents of Lake Isabella)telling all their ancient fishing stories of the past, ? Then Lake Isabella, the friendliest little town you've ever come across, is the place you want to be. A friendly wave from every passerbyer,you'll wonder what planet your on. The rainbow trout fishing in Lake Isabella, especially from the bank, is one of the funnest expieriences you'll ever have.Kinda of like a Fishermans Disneyland.No grim faces here,you can here the laughter all around the points. There are some good size Rainbow in the lake,and the bait of choice seems to be power bait.But you'll have to guess the color (ha ha). If you want some suggestions for where the trout are, e-mail me and I'll draw you a map.Just Kidding.All around the lake is excellent for trout fishing as long as the conditions are right.Finicky things these trout.They like their water 50 to 70 degrees,just the right amount of power bait,and rolled into a little morsel that resembles a california roll(told you their finicky.Having said this,the most fun fishing i've ever had is right across the street from my home now,yes I've moved here,loved it so much.Come and spend some time here with us,we'll tell ya some stories,and by the way,bring your waders,the you know what gets deep here.

Catherine | Posted: March 16, 2006

Well,yesterday,another day of fishing for trout. Did pretty good, No bites until around noon.2-3 pounders caught. We have a gentleman,I call him the "Fish Whisperer" truly, talks those trout right up to the bank!There were about 20 of us there, BBQ,big fish stories,never a dull moment.Bandaid of choice:Duct Tape.Lost a lot of tackle though,some large bushes,think I'll buy a wetsuit and go under and pull em out.Drunk seagull on the bouy weaving back and forth,must have got into our cold beer.A gentleman who shall remain nameless,has an unorthadox way of catching his fish,when he brings it in,he walks about 50 feet from shore,thinks the fish will see him,what a hoot to watch that.All good people,we're all a little touched,but have a good time.Fishing derby comeing up,bought a boat,only as a lucky charm,that's what I'm gonna name her.Boyfriend caught a fish yesterday,boy it was fat,does the saying dogs look like their owners apply to fish too? Won't let him read this one.I really would like for you to come visit us at Kissack Bay.You'll never be the same. Catherine Coleman

Catherine | Posted: April 8, 2006

I was so excited I actually lost sleep. The Lake Isabella Fishing Derby. Fact or Fiction? Paid our money even bought a boat. The national weather service, never casted a hurricane warning. 2 and a half foot swells. What time of the year is it anyways? Beautiful weather here in summer, but the chamber of commerce has a strategy, lets have the derby in the dead of winter, so people get blown off the lake.Won't have to pay for tagged fish, because no one can stand the wind!!This is ridiculous! Think I will protest it next year. $15.00 dollars a head, you figure how many people fish, their making a KILLING! If you have any comments please e-mail me and we will debate. Catherine

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