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Cultiva Company Information
They're produced by Owner, and as we say, "they're as good as the hooks!" This new line of hardbaits for both fresh and saltwater applications feature Owner CUTTING POINT® treble hooks, along with Cultiva's exclusive "Living Eyes," internal rattles and beautifully painted foil finishes. These lures are gorgeous, but also hard working and long lasting. The tantalizing actions will entice any fish to attack, and there's no questioning the hooking power of those CUTTING POINT® trebles.

It costs a lot of money to go fishing these days. When one contemplates the cost of a boat, rods, line, bait, food and travel, the added expense of hooks and lures seems almost incidental. On top of that, the question has to be asked, "is their anything more important than the terminal tackle that attracts the strike and then hooks and holds your catch?" The answer is obvious to us, which is why we suggest: The next time you go fishing, give yourself the best possible chance for success - have OWNER hooks and CULTIVA® lures tied to the end of your lines.

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