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Matt Lures

Matt Lures Company Information
The Mattlures line of swimbait rods were designed and tested by swimbait fisherman, for swimbait fisherman. There are several rods in each series that will cover all your swimbaiting needs. From the tiny paddle tail baits to huge trout baits that weigh over a pound. There is a rod that is perfect for each technique. Unlike some rods, the Mattlures rods have an accurate line and lure rating. This is very important when choosing the proper rod to match your situation. Every rod has just the right amount of backbone and just enough give in the tip to launch the appropriate baits and properly fight a trophy fish. My rods are comfortable and light with great balance for many hours of hard fishing with little fatigue. Each rod comes equipped with a retractable butt. Extend the butt for more leverage for making extremely long casts. Retract the butt for working big top water baits and for other techniques and baits that require the angler to produce a desired action.

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