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Baku Baits

Baku Baits Company Information
BAKU™ Baits are designed, developed and manufactured through the Recreational Products Division of Kelly Innovations, Inc ( KI-RPD ).

Kelly Innovations, Inc. is a small company made up of Chemical, Electrical and Systems Engineers whose entrepreneurial passions drive them to develop new diversified products or optimize design and performance of existing products.

Our Mission - Kelly Innovations, Inc. . was created to enable individuals to come together in an environment free of boundaries. Its objective is to exist as a vehicle in which creative minds can work free of the “box” – a place where the imagination is the only limit.

Fishing is a passion at Kelly Innovations, Inc. It's not only a past time to us, it is a life style. KI-RPD is very excited about its new product line of artificial lures - BAKU™ Baits . We have expended much thought, energy, design & engineering in developing the highest quality soft baits available today.

During development, each bait goes through multiple prototype stages until the desired result is achieved. CAD drawings are generated quantifying design parameters and precision tolerances are maintained by fabricating the molds using CNC machining. We use the highest quality plastic and even evaluate its chemical formulation for proper buoyancy, hardness, density and tear resistance. The injection process is performed with great care to deliver to the customer a soft bait that is high in quality and delivers the proper action with each cast.

The entire process … from conceptual design to lip'n the hawg … is something we refer to as XTREME ENGINEERED ACTION™ (XEA).

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