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Art of Fishing Guide Service

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920 E. Del Monte Ave.
Central, Florida 33440
Phone: 586 531-2821

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Lake Okeechobee, The scenery is worth the trip. The clear, weed and bass infested lake is located in south central Florida and there is no place in the United States that you can comfortably fish in January or February in your shorts and a t-shirt and expect to catch alot of largemouth other than south Florida. Better yet Lake Okeechobee. The beautiful birds float effortlessly above the lake as the gators sun quietly on the shores. No houses on the lake, no jet skiers or pleasure boats ripping through your favorite fishing hole, just fishing.

Imagine that. Just fishing, in fact I would say during the winter months, when I guide there, 90% of the boats are on the water to fish for the great bass, bluegill or crappie. The 730 square mile freshwater ocean is the 2nd largest lake in the U.S. It’s name is derived from Seminole Indian words meaning big water. It only averages about 10 feet deep and has weed cover in probably 50% of the lake. Lake Okeechobee has more than 40 species of fish, many waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds and birds of prey, gators and manatees. Bring a camera when you come because there is no other body of water like it.

I get asked when the best time to fish Lake Okeechobee is almost daily. My answer is always the same. For me, if s between November through April. It's all great, just hit the weather when it's stable. That is the key word in the winter time stable. If the water and weather has had a chance to stay the same for more than a couple of days, you can bet the big bass are on the feed

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Rates: 4 hours-$200.00
6 hours-$250.00
8 hours-$300.00
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Nearest Fishing: Lake Okeechobee
What they fish: Largemouth Bass
Boat Name: A Triton Boat
Marina Name:  
Capt. Name: Art Ferguson
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Licensed? Unavailable
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