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The Best Time Of Day For Fishing

The Best Time Of Day For Fishing The Best Time Of Day For Fishing

Since the dawn of time it seems like the answer to the question posed in this article is the morning or evening, right? It's widely known that early in the morning is good for fishing, but is this the answer to the question; what's the best time of day for fishing? Or is evening better? The point is that both morning and evening are good for fishing, this is true, but there are ways to narrow it down even more.

In this article, we're going to discuss some of the most important ways to determine when the best time to fish is. We as anglers, get a finite amount of time to spend fishing, so in my estimation we want to maximize the time we get to spend on the water as much as we can. This means fishing when the fish are the most active.

So, how do we figure out when the fish are the most active, other than just fishing in the morning and evening? It much easier than you might think, and it has to do with two specific forces of Mother Nature. The weather and the moon have as much to do with fishing as any two factors, and understanding how is the key to knowing when the best time of day is for fishing.

You can go onto the internet and do a search or two on these two subjects, and if you do that you'll end up with enough information to choke a horse. The bottom line is that you need to know about moon phases and frontal systems. These two factors are the main determinates of how fishing is affected, and knowing exactly how is the key to unlocking the mystery. Don't worry, becoming a scholar or spending a bunch of money isn't necessary.

As a matter of fact, the information that you need can be learned quite quickly, and then implemented just as quickly. For example, if the moon is in the waxing or waning crescent phase, I know fishing will be "average" at best, so I don't usually go fishing during these times. Don't worry the words shouldn't scare you. Learning the information you need about the weather and moon is simple.

My point is that determining the best time of day for fishing has to do with these two factors, and can be learned by anyone. Anyone who wants to be a more successful angler that is. If you've ever had one of those days fishing when you caught a ton of fish, and it seemed like no matter what you threw in the water resulted in a bite, you were probably fishing when the weather and moon were both in your favor, and you didn't know it. Learn this information and you can recreate these scenarios.

Name: Trevor Kugler
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Phil Boyds | Posted: August 8, 2016

When does this article actually get to any point whatsoever about the intended topic? For God's sake there is zero information. Just paragraph after paragraph saying it's easy and you can learn it and on and on. This guy just have worked for an infomercial site it something. Horribke waste of time.

calibansfury | Posted: March 18, 2008

Like most of Trevor's articles, there's never enough detail. After six paragraphs, there's only one line actually indicating the best or worst time to be fishing, which was "if the moon is in the waxing or waning crescent phase, I know fishing will be average at best". There's no discussion of any other phases. When will it be terrible? When will it be best? Isn't that the point of the article--"The Best Time of Day for Fishing?". How about you actually tell us in THIS article, rather than refer us to the web where there's 'so much information it'd choke a horse'? If you know it, share it!

Steve826 | Posted: March 4, 2008

This wasn't really a helpful article at all. He just says to learn the moon phases and you will catch fish. He does not tell us what phases have to do with catching fish. Not helpful.