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Swains Lake, NH - The Hidden Treasure

Swains Lake, NH - The Hidden Treasure Swains Lake, NH - The Hidden Treasure

Nestled in the foothills of Barrington, New Hampshire lies a sweet gem of a lake perfect for pro and amateur alike. Swains Lake offers the accomplished angler the challenge of the large and small mouth bass while offering the novice the fun of yellow and white perch. Whatever your flavor this is a lake for everyone.

There is ease of access most notably off the Young Road near Beauty Hill, only a few minutes from State Highway Route 125. Once in the water it is easy to see why this the the lake for everyone. There are few obstacles to navigate around When they do occur, rocks are well marked to give plenty of warning. The channels are also clearly marked so one need not worry about going astray.

There are several islands that dot this lake and though it is reasonably small, it gives the presentation and the numerous cove like areas of a large lake making room for everyone.

Vegetation is easily followed to the fishe's lair uncovering the delight that you came for. There were lillys and grass, columbine growing giving plenty of healthy cover.

One is not disappointed when fishing this lake. One angler we encountered expects to catch a fish every 15 minutes or 4 per hour. We found this was not a hard goal to achieve. The fish were hitting much of what was offered; ranging from power baits to lures. Our catch numbered 3 small mouth bass and 3 yellow perch in just over 90 minutes.

Swains Lake also presented the surprise of Blue Heron, Canadian Geese, and the usual Mallard Duck.

The depths we encountered ranged from 4' to 30'. Visability was surprisingly good. Though a fresh water lake, it had a brackish appearance. We noted a healthy minnow population which will provide anglers opportunity in the future.

Though there were cross winds in the afternoon, these were not hard to contend with. They worked to our benefit while drifting through the shallows. Currents were mild and managable making navigation a breeze.

I would invite you to check this lake out if and exciting afternoon is what your looking for. Swains Lake truly was a hidden treasure right under our nose.


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Charlie | Posted: October 11, 2006

Well made our trip to the lake and was not disapointed. Although the weather did not cooperate, the fishing was very good. Cought a number of bass, and I must say they where of good quality . I am looking foward to returning next year to fish your wonderous lake and tour your great state

john | Posted: July 6, 2006

this place looks great, will check it out on my trip thru new england

charlie | Posted: July 5, 2006

Thank you for the article about Swains lake. I am a first time visitor to the area (coming from Hershey,Pa.)I will be staying at a lodge on the lake and am looking forward to fishing the lake for a week. Being an avid bass fishing person (my wife also)I was glad to see what kind of like we would be fishing, since we are guests of my wifes Uncle on the lake I was not sure what to expect. thanks again