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category: Terminal Tackle

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6th Sense 'Pitch Black' Tungsten Flipping Weight

Starting at $ 5.79

6th Sense 'Pitch Black' Tungsten Skirt Punch Weight

Starting at $ 5.99

Eco Pro Tungsten Tungsten Flippin Weights

Starting at $ 7.19

Elite Tungsten Flipping Weights

Starting at $ 7.99

Elite Tungsten Pegging System

$ 1.89

Land Big Fish Tournament Gear Tungsten Flipping Weight

Starting at $ 6.99

Mustad Tungsten TitanX Flipping Weight MTW002

Starting at $ 6.79

Picasso Tungsten Flipping Weights

Starting at $ 6.49

VMC TF Tungsten Flip'n Weight

Starting at $ 6.99