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Batter fried Sturgeon
Recipe Information
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Rating: 8.81 with 18 votes
Prep Time:: 15 to 30 minutes
Cook Time: Less than 15 minutes
Cooking Method: Fried
Meal Type: Entree
Main Fish: Sturgeon
  • 1 Sturgeon Filet (Cross cut into 1/2" strips)
  • 8 cups UNBLEACHED flour
  • 2 Tsp. Salt
  • 2 Tsp. Black Pepper
  • 2 Tsp. Baking powder
  • 4 Large Eggs
  • 1 Qt. Skim milk
  • 1 Qt. (Or more) Canola oil
Combine dry ingredients in large mixing bowl. Mix eggs and milk with 2 cups of the dry batter in separate large mixing bowl. (Should be the consistency of a very thin pancake batter.) Dip sturgeon strips in wet batter, then dry mix... Repeat this process to produce a thick, crunchy batter.

Cook to a light golden brown in hot oil. Serve with a good red or tartar sauce as a dip. Include oven browned or fried tater tots, and a tossed green salad for a well rounded meal.

Rate This Recipe
8.81 with 18 votes
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  Read 2 reviews
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Jason | Posted: December 29, 2003

Love the recipe tasted great thank you for it..

Robbie | Posted: September 1, 2003

This is the best recipe I have tasted for fried sturgeon. I cut the recipe in half because there was a lot of ingredients left over but the fish turned out excellent. Thanks

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