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Wilson’s Sporting Camps Ltd.

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303 McNamee Road
McNamee, New Brunswick E9C 2G9
Phone: 506 365-7962
Fax: 506 365-7106

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Company Description

For almost a century and a half the Wilson family has been in the business of providing great Atlantic Salmon fly fishing, hunting and outdoors adventure to discriminating clients from around the world.

We are located in the Miramichi River valley of New Brunswick, one of the most scenically beautiful places in Canada.

A pristine, “just as God made it” place that offers some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing and wing shooting on the North American continent.Entertain the thought of salmon fishing on lazy summer days or cool autumn evenings, listening to the flow of the river while the salmon swim beneath your feet.

This experience can be had at Wilson's on the Miramichi!. Not only does Wilson's provide salmon and trout fishing but we can bestow upon you the many pleasures of expert guide services, fly casting workshops, excellent rental equipment, some of the best woodcock and grouse covers, corporate retreats, home cooked meals, golfing, hiking and guided interpretive techniques based on the area and wildlife that surrounds you on the Miramichi region.

I can remember as a small child growing up on the Miramichi the exhilaration that I felt when I had my salmon rise to a dry fly, not only the rise and finally the magnificent take but the terrific battle that was to follow. To someone at that age it was monstrous, and seeing the beautiful sight of my first catch right before my eyes I new right then and there that I was trapped, trapped in a place that I never wanted to leave. And so after many years of discovering the other aspects to an outdoorsman such as hunting woodcock and deer did I fully understand that I was doing the job that I most loved, continuing on a tradition in my family and offering these same experiences to friends that I meet and welcome to Wilson's. Come and enjoy the natural untouched beauty that still surrounds this wonderful place called Wilson's.

We would like to introduce you to the Wilson Family and our Outdoor Adventure business. We are located on the beautiful Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. For nearly 150 years the Wilson family has provided top quality service to vacationers from around the world. Please take a look through our site if you are interested in World Class Fly fishing, a great Outdoor Family or Group vacation, if you wish to entertain a business group or conduct a serious Business Meeting. We have the experience and knowledge to arrange a memorable and successful trip for you.

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the adventures or services offered by Wilson's Sporting Camps.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing:: Bouncing a dry fly over a slight riffle and seeing the swirl of the missed opportunity of hooking a trophy salmon.And having the patience to wait for him to get back to his lye before dropping the fly down again. Now that's the thrill of Atlantic Salmon Fishing.

You can enjoy Atlantic salmon fishing at Wilson's family run camp in some of the finest pools on the MIRAMICHI RIVER. We offer 16 private pools with a small number of rods in camp. This allows each party new water each day and no hassles with long line ups in rotation.

The spring season starts April 15th. At this time we fish for salmon that have been in the river during the winter from the fall spawn. We start fishing just when the ice is leaving the river. The water is quite high then so we use small motor boats to fish from. The weather is colder then so warm clothing is a must. As mentioned, all fishing is done from a boat, by either letting out a troll or on a short cast next to shore.

The spring season is barely over and we are into the "sea- run" brook trout, (1-6 lbs) and the early rocky brook run, Atlantic's best fishing for this run is between May 20th and June 10th. There is also an opportunity during the month of June for our fantastic shad run. The summer season begins mid June when the first new run of salmon are on their way into the river. The run will start about mid June and last until mid August. The water is now down so we can wade the pools and use canoes to go from pool to pool. The weather is of course much warmer (50-85 F) so light weight summer gear is appropriate.

Due to the warm afternoons, we fish the mornings, (8-12 noon), come in for dinner, rest a few hours and then head our about 4 o'clock again. The evening shore lunch is always very enjoyable and sometimes the guide will even grill a fresh salmon over open fire.

The last season or second run of the year starts mid August and is on until mid October. This is called the fall run. During the fall season we fish from breakfast until the evening dinner having a shore lunch on the river also. The salmon are sometimes a little bigger than the July run because the fish are getting ready to spawn at this time. We also arrange day trip to the Cains River in October.

Brook Trout:: This past year was the best year on record for Sea-Run Brook Trout. So large were the brook trout caught (7lbs) that you would expect to see them in Chili or Labrador not on our river. And the best is yet to come!

The province of New Brunswick has three wild Sea-Run Trout stocks and the Cains River is by far the largest and one of the healthiest. The Cains has been under very strict conservation laws and practices for 14 years and our efforts are paying dividends today. Camps records and personal records are being set almost every season now. It is not uncommon to take fish in the 4-5 pound range on a good night, but, these are truly wild fish and are not easily fooled. Dry Fly Fishing is our specialty on the Cains River.

The Cains River is a small tributary of the Miramichi River. The average width is app. 10 meters wide and most pools fish just one or two rods at a time. The river source is made up of large cedar swamps which keeps the water very cold thus ideal habitat for these large trout. The water is very dark in color so you do not see the trout until feeding time. The best pools are only a short drive from the main camp and can also be reached by canoe during the higher water periods A float trip on the Cains for these huge Sea-run trout is always a big hit. We fish a ten mile stretch of the river, which we have learned from many years of experience, to be the most productive.

Season: Late May through July

Accommodations:: The homestead is the heart of the operation here at Wilson's Sporting Camps, where the office and dining roomare located.

If your in the need of staying "in touch" electronically there is easy access through computers, fax machine, and telephone service, mind you this is hardly used because your having the time of your life fishing, hunting or enjoying the wilderness surrounding you.

The dining-room where all of our home cooked meals are made, not to mention the smell and taste of the mouth watering flavors of our cook outs over open fire, to a slice of a secret homemade bread recipe that has been passed down through generations, which will go along side with the fairs of the day which could include beef, pork, chicken, and juicy steak to name a few. If there are any special dietary restrictions please let us know and we will do our best here at Wilson's to accommodate any special needs.

Our cabins are a "home away from home" with a four star Canada Select rating, picturesque views of the river and country decor where you feel like just sitting back on the porch and watch the fish jump, the sun set in a blaze of color, and the birds are chirping your song.

We have 7 cabins in total that will accommodate up to 22 people. Big Murphy is our most popular cabin and you can see pictures of it to the side. A warm and welcoming mood awaits you here. Not only does this cabin offer a spectacular view of the river below but it also offers such amenities as housekeeping, air-conditioning, microwave, comfy bedding, dishes, screened veranda, BBQ pit, and a BBQ. This cabin is the big Kahuna the Full Monty and to book this cabin just contact us.

Upland Bird Hunting:: Are you the type of person that when you see a Woodcock or Grouse on the side of the road or perched on a tree that you slow your vehicle down to get a better look, and then dream of the day that the hunting season starts. Well look no further!

Here at Wilson's we are located in the heart of the Miramichi River Valley flyway, with pristine covers with many classic New England style covers. The hunting season for Woodcock opens on September 15th and Grouse hunting opens October 15th. With the area providing a wealth of covers and upland birds we can provide you an experience unlike anything you have yet too.

Our skilled and expert guides that have been hunting these areas for many years can provide you with a plethora of covers yet to be discovered, knowledge on the birds that inhabit our area, and well trained "bird dogs". Don't forget that there is also kennels available at Wilson's if you would like to bring your own dog along with you.

There is a very liberal amount to each bird per day, Woodcock eight per day and Grouse six per day. Though these are liberal amounts we suggest to our outdoorsman a smaller limit to help sustain and conserve the population of upland birds.

Big Game Hunting:: Welcome to New Brunswick where some of the finest black bear hunting is available. Every hunter has a reasonable enough chance at successfully taking a bear. With a last year success rate of 100% opportunity and 70% actually killed and recovered. A quick thought to get your bear hunting juices running is the largest bear taken was 7ft. 3in and the average bear size in New Brunswick is only 6 ft.

Our season runs from April 15th to the end of June. We start baiting our bears a good month in advance so that the baiting sites are ready in advance for our hunters. Those bears are hungry after a long hibernating winter!

Our expert bear guide Terry Stone will show you which are the best bear stands for you, skinning and how to get your bear ready for that taxidermist. Be patient though, your trophy black bear could be out there waiting for you.

Our professional guide Terry and Diane Stone were born and raised in New Brunswick. Terry grew up in a family that loved the outdoors, and inspired an appreciation for nature that would last a lifetime. His early experiences in the forests of New Brunswick which lead him to seek a career that would allow him to explore the wilder parts of Canada. Trapping, guiding and outfitting gave him this opportunity.

From the bays and inlets of New Brunswick to lofty peaks of British Columbia he has sought after trout, salmon, waterfowl, black bear, whitetail and mule deer, moose, stone sheep, caribou, elk, mountain goat, grisly bear and wolf.

Thirty years of diverse hunting experience has give him a significant advantage in developing effective hunting strategies in New Brunswick. With small well trained staff they have developed a Bear hunting program second to none.

Other Business Information
Location Within the State:
Type: Lodge/Resort
Rates: $100.00 to $725.00
Credit Cards: Contact Lodge
Nearest Fishing: Miramichi River
Amenities: Fishing, Golf, Boating, Hiking, Restaurant, Hunting, Canoeing
Attractions: Atlantic Salmon fishing, trout fishing, big game hunting, upland bird hunting, hiking, biking, golf and canoeing.
Directions: Route 8 north from Fredericton, south from Miramichi to Mcnamee, New brunswwick. Watch for signs.
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