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Lawrence Bay Lodge

Contact Information

P.O. Box 128
LaRonge, Saskatchewan S0J 1L0
Phone: 701 262-4560
Fax: 701 262-4233

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Company Description

Lawrence Bay Lodge is setting new standards of excellence for the best in northern pike fishing, accommodations, and service.

Northern pike and walleye fishing on Reindeer Lake at Lawrence Bay Lodge has never been better! For your additional comfort, we have added 18' deep transom boats and 40 horsepower Mercury motors!

Located on Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan, Lawrence Bay Lodge offers some of the best fresh water northern pike, walleye, arctic grayling, and lake trout fishing in Canada.

Our Cree Indian guides, float planes, fishing boats, and equipment are first class. All of our cabins are fully modern and we have float planes for access to remote lakes. With the experience and versatility to make this your best fishing vacation ever, Lawrence Bay Lodge is a great experience for everyone.

What makes Lawrence Bay Lodge the fishing and hunting camp to choose? Reindeer Lake is one of the most productive lakes in the north because it drains a very large portion of northeast Saskatchewan and northwest Manitoba, consequently the food source for gamefish is very good, better than most of the smaller lakes. The proof is in the fish.

At Reindeer Lake and the surrounding outpost camps, you will find that the Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleyes in our area are very heavy for their length, with the smaller heads and large stocky bodies. The lakes in our area have a large number of islands with many bays and large wood flats for big northern pike. We also have the rocky points and deep waters for the lake trout, which gets up to 760 feet deep.

We have practiced a very strict program at Lawrence Bay Lodge to ensure that the larger fish are all returned to the lake. Typically, all the Northern Pike over 6-7 lbs. and Lake Trout over 6-7 lbs. are returned. I have never seen more big Northern Pike caught than what we have caught and released the last 5 seasons, last year was unbelievable.

Fishing We fish for: Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling

The fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge has been tremendous in the 90’s and looks to be even better into the next millennium. We have practiced a modified catch and release program at Lawrence Bay Lodge for over fifteen years, We return all of the large trophy size fish to insure that they will be here for you to catch on your next vacation.

Northern Pike

Lawrence Bay Lodge is located on Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan (which to many people the best Northern Pike lake in the world). Reindeer Lake is approximately 180 miles long and 60 miles wide at its widest point.

Reindeer Lake has thousands of islands which make for good structure and these islands along with the mainland make for thousands of bays which harbor huge Northern Pike. Reindeer Lake is simply loaded with large Northern Pike. In 2000 we caught the largest number of big fish ever, Seventy-five percent of our customers caught fish from 18-35 lb. (40-53 inches). We also had a few over 35 lb. All of the fish are alive and well thanks to the people that released those monsters.


We also offer unparalleled walleye fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Walleyes can be caught on Reindeer and we also have two float planes to fly out to our day lakes and fish for walleyes also. It is not uncommon to catch 150 walleyes per boat at these lakes, the fishing at these lakes is simply great. The walleyes average in size from 2-6 lb., and we also get some that weigh over 8 lb.

Lake Trout

The Lake Trout fishing on Reindeer Lake has also been great. Reindeer lake has an averagedepth of over 100 feet and is also loaded with Lake Trout. The average size of our Lake Trout range from 4-18 lb. We also get quit a few between the 20-30 lb. range. The Lake Trout are fished at depths of as shallow as 10 feet and as deep as 70 feet depending upon the time of year you are fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge, but one thing is for sure, you will know when you latch on to one of these great fighting fish.

Arctic Grayling

We also have fishing for Arctic Grayling or the "Sailfish of the North" as many people call them. The Grayling are noted for the male having a beautiful blue and purple dorsal fin. They are characterized usually by surfacing before they get to the boat. The Grayling Range from 2-4 lb. but fight great (especially on an ultra light fishing Rod) and are considered a great trophy by many because of how beautiful they are.

Fly Fishing At Lawrence Bay Lodge

If you are a "Fly-Fisherman" let us help you plan a fly-fishing trip that you will never forget. Most fly-fisherman spend most of their time fishing for trout or bass in freshwater and bonefish, snook, permit, or tarpon in salt water. Catching a Northern Pike on a fly is one of the ultimate fly-fishing experiences.

During our past season, we had large numbers of Northern Pike taken in excess of 42 inches. In fact we had one angler that caught 5 trophy Northern Pike, all in excess of 42 inches in one day.

Our experienced guides can help you have an unforgettable fly-fishing experience. This is sight fishing at its best. We are fully prepared to help you plan your trip and we can handle any size group that meets your needs.

Remember that the Northern Pike is a powerful aggressive sport fish. It is recommended that you bring an 8 to 10 weight fly rod. You will need a good reel with an excellent drag mechanism. Leaders should include a wire or hard nylon tippet. Northern Pike like large flies. The Berry Reynolds Pike Fly or a fly called the McMurderer are good examples of the large flies that work well. Colors range from chartreuse to black. We can assist you with tackle and gear selection to meet your needs.

We have had anglers that have fished with us for many years before trying the fly fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Many of these guests have fished all over the world and have found the fly fishing at Lawrence Bay, "exceptional".


About the Hunting

The moose hunting in our area of Saskatchewan has been remarkable the past five years. Ninety percent of our hunters in the past five years have had the opportunity to take a bull moose. It's not uncommon for 9 out of 13 hunters of our moose hunting guests to bag their moose. This kind of success is no accident. We have quality guides, a large hunting area, access to remote lakes by float planes, and a willingness to relocate hunters to assure success.

Accommodations of the Hunt

Hunters should be prepared to stay out overnight at a tent camp or one of our outpost cabins. Hunters may return to the main lodge at night, if preferred. After you have your bull, you may fish at Lawrence Bay Lodge. Fishing guide is extra. All local flying, food, and moose license is included.

Gear to Bring

Familiar rifle, good sleeping bag, warm clothes including good boots and gloves, white or orange outer suit (such as a paint coverall) and flashlight. Average temperatures this time or year range from 20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lodging & Accomodations

The accommodations at Lawrence Bay Lodge are all fully modern. Each cabin has its own hot and cold running water, flush toilets, shower, electricity, and heating stove. Each cabin is built out of natural logs, are very cozy, and are cleaned daily by our friendly staff.

A typical day at Lawrence Bay Lodge includes one of our staff members waking you up with your choice of a steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your cabin. After getting ready in the morning, breakfast is served at the main lodge at 7 a.m.

Once you have eaten a hearty breakfast, we will introduce you to your guide and send you off for a great day of fishing by 8 a.m.

After a wonderful morning of fishing, the guide will prepare a tasty shore lunch for you at mid-day, which is to many, their favorite part of the day.

Once the afternoon fishing is complete (or you get tired of catching too many big fish), you will return to the lodge between 5 and 5:30 p.m. where you can rest, relax, and tell fish stories about the big fish (that didn't get away) with other guests until it is time to eat again for supper at 7 p.m. in the main lodge. Once the evening meal is completed you may take a boat out by yourself for an hour or just relax around the lodge or your cabin and anticipate the next day of fishing.

For your additional comfort we have added brand new 18 foot deep transom Lund boats with casting decks equipped with the smooth running 40hp Mercury outboards which help you get to your fishing spots quicker. Also every boat is equipped with two cushioned seats with back support so you will travel in comfort.

Outpost Camps

Lawrence Bay Lodge also has two fully modern outpost camps (in addition to our main lodge) for those of you that wish to do it for yourself.

Kamatsi Lake Outpost

Kamatsi outpost is one of the nicest outposts in northern Saskatchewan. The cabin sleeps eight people easily. The cabin has hot and cold running water via your own water tower. Refrigerator and complete stove with oven. Shower and toilet inside. A deck for sitting around in the evening or cooking outside if you like with a great view. 14 ft. Lund boats and Current Mercury motors.

Fishing on Kamatsi Lake Fishing on Kamatsi is very good for Northern Pike and Lake Trout. We get very large walleye on Kamatsi but not always high numbers. The Northern and Lakers are very numerous and average size is very good, Northerns to 27 lbs., lots from the 4-15 lb range. Lake Trout up to 30 lbs., lots from the 4-9 lb. range.

Accommodations for Kamatsi include: Kamatsi Lake is equipped with a fully modern log cabin which sleeps 8 people. The cabin is made of all log construction and of course has hot and cold running water, shower, and flush toilet. Gas and all cooking utensils are included. You provide your sleeping bags, fishing gear, and food for the trip. Fishing license is extra.

Pagato Lake Outpost

Pagato Lake is one of the best Walleye and Northern lakes I know of. Guests can expect large numbers of Walleyes and Northerns. Walleyes 2-6 lbs., a few bigger. Northern Pike up to 35 lbs., lots of Northern Pike from 4-18 lbs.

Accommodations for Pagato Lake include: At Pagato we have added a large fully modern cabin with a screened in deck that was built in 1999. The cabin sleeps 8 people easily and has hot and cold running water with flush toilet and showers. Pagato also has a gas generator for lights and freezer. New Mercury motors and 14 ft. Lund boats. Gas and all cooking utensils are included. You provide sleeping bags, fishing

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