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The Deserted Fisherman

One time there was a salmon fisherman who was out in the ocean fishing and his boat sank. He was lucky enough to make to a deserted island. When the Coastguard found him, the leader noticed there was a fire pit with California Condor feathers. he went over to the fisherman and said, "You know, it's illegal to kill a California Condor, I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest you." the fisherman protested for some time saying that he killed it because he was going to starve. Eventually he calmed down. The man arresting asked him, "Out of curiosity, What did it taste like?" the fisherman replied, " Well, it was kind of a mix between a snowy owl and a bald eagle."

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yep | Posted: October 17, 2004

gnaw, i'll bite on this "joke"... this is not funny.

logical to the old image that never exsisted of a stupid sportsman.. "sportsmen" were never stupid.. frankly , it is the sportsman that takes enough interest in the sport to conserve it. catch and release was not invented by fish and game.

Very very dangerous animals were not stupidly hunted out of human habitat areas blindly and stupidly. "Dangerous animals are being re-stocked blindly and stupidly," protected while the loss of a mountan biker or 2 every year is a high price to pay for having wild kittens in your back yard. an 8, a 10 , and a 12 year old dissappearing with out a trace in recent years in the So Cal Mtns.Elementary schools being stalked in San Diego, now that is stupid, asking for it, and not a sportsmans doing what so ever..... and putting Grizlys back into the Bitterroots?.. wolves into the sheep areas, and coyotes... our "limosine liberal college conservationists restorationists, and animal lovers are a bit twisted in their high minded concept of wildlife... one can only hope that they meet face to face with the problem that they created... while I put this one to the flames, the group that does not want to ever declaw house cats?. cruel to declaw, they have no idea of what it has taken to domisticate a wild animal or how or why.. duh..if you want to bring "peace" to the world, declaw.. it is not over for domistication of the cat... declaw and keep working on the wild and semi wild critters to become our friends.. stupid group ... moving on the joke has a good frame work. but when the rescue party arrives the snowy owl, has a a large family and is laying eggs for lunch, the eagle is falconing home fish and food, and the condor is providing shade and hangglider rides anytime and anywhere the lost sportsman wants it... and cleaning up any scraps..