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Patience is a virtue

Jesus, Moses and God are out fishing for bass one day in their new bass boat. Jesus gets out of the boat, walks on the water and starts casting in all directions with his black plastic worm. After an hour with no success he says "God damn it." "You must have more patience my son" God replies. Moses then parts the water, gets out of the boat and starts walking on the dry land and starts casting on either side of him with his favorite crankbait. After an hour of no luck he says "God damn it" God replies "Patience is a virtue my son. Moses gets back in the boat and the lake returns to normal. God then borrows Jesus' plastic worm and proceeds to catch five bass over three pounds. He then borrows Moses' crankbait and catches another five bass over three pounds. Jesus turns to Moses and says "Who does God think he is anyway, Bill Dance?"

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