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How Many Points was it?

Two guys were fishing in a boat right near shore. One caught a small perch and threw it back. As soon as it hit the water a guy fishing in a boat in deeper water asked "How many points is it?" The guy who caught the perch asked the other guy in his boat "what's he talking about?" The guy in the other boat asked again "How many points was it?" "Do you suppose he means stripes on the perch?" the guy who caught the perch asked his buddy. "It was seven points" he yelled out to the guy in the other boat. The guy in deep water shook his head and turned the other way. "It was eight points" he yelled out again. The guy just sat in his boat shaking his head. "Hey look man I don't know, I threw it back." Just then his buddy tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hey turn around and look on shore." Standing next to shore was a spike buck.

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