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Pea Fishing

In the winter time a young man visited a local frozen lake to learn how to ice fish. He stopped by the first ice fisherman and asked what his favorite method was. The fisherman said "I usually use small minnows. Just set up a tip-up and when the fish take the minnow a flag pops up to let you know a fish is on. Not having any luck today though." The next ice fisherman wasn't catching anything either. He told the young man "I use small worms or grubs and then I jig with with small shiny spoons." He then demonstrated his jigging technique. The young man then saw an ice shanty surrounded by dozens of fish on the ice. He banged on the door and asked what the fisherman was doing so successfully. The man inside said "come on in." There was more fish inside, but the old man fishing there had no ice fishing equipment, just a hole in the ice. The old man looked at the young man and said "promise not to tell anybody my secret?" "Okay," said the young man. "All you got to do is cut a hole in the ice, then sprinkle some peas in the water." "Do you mean the kind of peas that humans eat?" asked the young man. "That's exactly right young man, and when the fish come up to take a pea you kick'em in the ice hole."

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