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Glossary of Terms

  • A color....limit of 3 fish
  • A ticket...combination of five trout or samlom
  • The box.....cooler
  • Welcome aboard...beating a king with a bat
  • Asian invasion....oriental family fishing on the riverbank or pier
  • Baby who keeps small fish
  • Coffee grinder.....spinning reel
  • LDR.....long distance release
  • Rippin' some lips....perch fishing
  • Frisco, foul hooked in the butt
  • Meat, Pool or Broom stick...stiff fishing rod
  • Porcupine...boat with at least 25 rods
  • Wad.....lots of maks on a fishfinder
  • Buzz saw....getting your lines ran over by another boat
  • Goldenrod garden....boat using all yellow Eagle Claw rods
  • Mulled....having a guest bring 47 tackle boxes on your boat
  • Weekender...A bothersome, arrogant creature that hibernates from mid- September to mid-June, emerging most often around holiday weekends. Weekenders are more likely to be jet skiers, sun worshippers and sightseers who believe it is their life mission to muck up your fishing, the roads and make a general nuisance of themselves.

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