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Catching My Pet Fish

A fisherman was fishing a lake that he has never had any luck on. But this day he was catching a fish it seemed on every other cast. When he was done for the day he had caught way too many fish over the limit but he decided he would keep them all even though he would be breaking the law. Half way home the Game Warden pulls him over and asks him to see his fish. When the man shows the warden the fish the Warden yells you have caught too many!! The fisherman says calmly "those are not fish out of the lake" he states they are his pet fish and everyday he lets them go in the lake to feed. The Warden not believing this says then how do you get them back. The fisherman says he whistles and the jump into his boat one by one. Well the Warden having heard every excuse says he just has to see this. The Warden and the fisherman both head out on the lake and stop in a cove. The Warden tells him to let the fish go, and cooperating the man lets all his fish go. After a couple minutes pass, the Game Warden tells him to whistle and get the fis back. Very calmly the fisherman replies "What Fish."

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Josh  | Posted: May 28, 2006

very dumb:(

Josh M. | Posted: May 28, 2006

very stupid, I don't get it!!:) :(