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Jesus Helps Three Fishermen

Three guys were fishing in a lake one day, when Jesus walked across the water and joined them in the boat. When the three astonished men had settled down enough to speak, the first guy asked humbly, "Jesus, I've suffered from back pain ever since I took shrapnel in the Vietnam War. Could you help me?"

"Of course, my son," Jesus said. And, when he touched the man's back he felt relief for the first time in years.

The second guy who wore very thick glasses and had a hard time reading and driving , asked if Jesus could do anything about his poor eyesight. Jesus smiled, removed the man's glasses and tossed them into the lake. When they hit the water, the man's eyes cleared and he could see everything distinctly.

When Jesus turned to the third guy, the guy put his hands out defensively. "Don't touch me!" he cried. "I'm on a disability pension."

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aardsi | Posted: May 21, 2008


Luther Johnson | Posted: January 6, 2007

one day a guy bought a horse from a stranger and the guy told him,the horse will only stop if you say i beleive in god, and go if you say praise the lord. so one day the guy was out riding his new horse and came to a cliff and he couldnt remember what you had to say, he tried every thing like stop,go,no but none of those were right so he finnaly figured out what it was, he yelled i believe in god. and the horse stoped,and he said praise the lord!and it ran

Smoked | Posted: April 21, 2005


Rev. Williams | Posted: January 28, 2005

I am a minister looking for a good sermon illustration with Jesus and fishing! This will be great.