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Things You Should Never Say at a Strange Tackle Shop

  • "All right, whose going to be a sport and show me their favorite fishing hole?"
  • "Anyone know who owns the red pick-up out front that I just hit?"
  • About the shop's merchandise: "Look at all this antique tackle."
  • "Let me tell you about a fish I once caught..."
  • "What! No high-tech lures? How can you people catch anything?"
  • "One of you has got to be named Bubba...let me guess."
  • "You do take travelers checks, don't you?"
  • "Your rods look as if they were wrapped at the Lighthouse Project for the Blind."
  • About a picture hung behind the cash register: "Are those some ugly fish you caught or is that a family portrait?"
  • "I only use imported hooks."
  • "I need a new rod. Do you have anything in blue to match my reel?"
  • When a woman walks into the shop: "Want to see my lure?"
  • And never, ever say: "You call this live bait? Why, in New York we..."

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Tom | Posted: March 31, 2006

Very very sad