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Glossary of Nautical and Boating Terms

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Off the wind
Sailing with the wind coming from the stern or quarter of the boat.

Away from land, toward the water.

Offshore wind
Wind that is blowing away from the land, toward the water.

A location that is not sheltered from the wind and seas. outboard
On the side of the hull that the water is on. Outboard engines are sometimes just called outboards.

Outboard engine
An engine used to power a small boat. Outboard engines are mounted on a bracket aft of the stern of the boat.

A line used to apply tension on the foot of a sail, used to maintain proper sail shape.

A floatation device attached to one or both sides of the hull to help prevent capsizing.

Out of trim
Sails that are not properly arranged for the point of sail that the boat is on. The sails may have improper sail shape, or the boat may be heeling too much. These conditions will slow the boat down.

In the water outside of the vessel.

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