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10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug - BACK IN STOCK 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug - BACK IN STOCK - April 7, 2021
The Sukoshi Bug from 10,000 Fish is a minimalist finesse creature bait. The design features a ribbed body made from Stretch-X Plastic, topped off with 6 flapping appendages near the head. The downsized body and tantalizing appendages will make it your new favorite ned rig bait. Stretch-X plastic is just as buoyant as it is durable, and will stand your Sukoshi Bug straight up in the column just begging to be bit. While designed to be ned rigged, it will also generate strikes on a micro-Carolina rig, or as a trailer on your finesse jigs. Whether you drag it over bottom structure or across beds on a Mojo rig, or finesse it on a ned-head, you'll want the Sukoshi Bug in your arsenal ASAP.

  • 10,000 Fish Sukoshi Bug