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Obsession can grab you from the very first strike. Mastery requires time and non-stop diligence. St. Croix combines both in a breed of fishing reels they call SEVIIN. Dedicated to fishing every species in every body of water, while setting a new standard for reliability the world over. Seven seas. Seven continents. Seven days a week. Seven decades in the making.


After spending the last seven decades building the best rods on earth, they've learned a thing or two about making world- class fishing equipment. They didn't get here by following others, they got here by die- hard persistence and honest innovation.

Guided by the legacy of their founder, Gordon Schluter, they apply that same Midwest work ethic to the next chapter of their story – one laser-focused on reels and reels alone. Fueled by a decades-long love of fishing that's only surpassed by their passion to deliver the most reliable and advanced reels on the water. SEVIIN. Purpose-built, one-of- a-kind reels, for anglers of every kind.


They put anglers at the heart of every decision they make. A laser-focus on reels and nothing else. Reels purpose-built to keep you on the water longer, backed by uncompromising service. They are guided by one simple rule—if it doesn't make you a better angler, it doesn't go into SEVIIN reels.

Their goal is to design the best reels humanly possible with a team of experts dedicated to SEVIIN in Park Falls, WI. They work every day to earn your trust and they promise to do everything they can to enhance your experience on the water. Should you ever have a problem with one of their products, their Angler Care experts are there to help. They make it their mission to get you back on the water as quickly as possible—because they're anglers too, they understand that drive.


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