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Avid Angler Solutions

Company Information
Avid Angler Solutions is a fishing products company started in 2019 by Kipp and Karla Burnett to meet the needs of fishermen looking for special products that make fishing easier. The company currently has three products that Kipp was instrumental in developing over 15 years ago when he was the VP of Coverlay Manufacturing. After spending time with Ken Cook who was a Bass Master Classic Champion and one of the top fishermen in America for many years, Kipp consulted with Ken and helped develop the Ken Cook Fishing tool kit while at Coverlay. Kipp went on to help develop several other products while at Coverlay, and will be bringing some of those other ideas to Avid Angler Solutions with the intent to improve the initial ideas and reach the millions of Fishermen looking for products that can improve their fishing experience. Avid Angler Solutions started as a web based business model, with plans to offer products through other traditional sources to fishermen everywhere. Kipps vast experience as a professional angler and product developer, as well as his experience working for one of the leading fishing companies in America, Pure Fishing, will be put to good use as he continues to be passionate about fishing and the fishing experience. The company’s long term goal is to offer unique products to anglers worldwide that “Make Fishing Easier”.

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