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Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Company Information
Lucky Craft Inc., craftsmen of the Pointer, Sammy and other high performance lures, is quickly becoming recognized as the leader among American anglers.

In a whirlwind of tournament victories across the country, Lucky Craft has become the Pros' #1 choice in bait. And now the secret is out as anglers of all levels are developing a special attraction for these lures for one simple reason... they catch more fish.

Our lures, a result of many years of research and development coupled with the finest materials, patented manufacturing process and quality control, are a testament to our complete dedication for the ultimate fishing experience. This excellence in craftsmanship goes into every Lucky Craft bait.

As soon as you pick up our lure, you immediately see the quality that's apparent in our product. And we're proud to say, that's just the beginning... wait until you feel the irresistible action on the water!

So get your Lucky Craft lure today and experience the ultimate rewards of fishing.

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