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Accu-Cull Company Information
Accu-Cull founder Brent Shores and partner George Edes have been avid fishermen for more than twenty years. When fishing tournaments around the country they used the products available to them at the time to cull fish. One day when using his grease board to record the weights of his catch Brent became frustrated with how inefficient and time- consuming it was to use that tool. He thought, "there has to be a better way to do this."

He began to think of a solution to the problem and Accu-Cull was born. The company's first product was the weight recorder, which saves a tremendous amount of time and energy when culling fish. As with the weight recorder Brent's problem-solving skills led to the invention of our second product, the digital scale, and others that have followed it.

At Accu-Cull they are passionate about developing products that help fishermen make the most of their time on the water so they can enjoy doing what they love.

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