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Humminbird Company Information
Revealing the water's secrets to help anglers pursue their passion for the sport: it's what they've done since the first fish finder they developed as Techsonic Industries in 1971, and it's what they'll always do.

From flashers to LCDs, analog to digital and DualBeam to MEGA Imaging™, the past five decades have seen tremendous change at Humminbird. Starting with best-in-class sonar and depth finders, their innovations have grown to include marine GPS, LakeMaster® cartography, radar and full boat control integration.

But as their technology advances and the connected world brings new challenges and opportunities, their goal remains the same as it was on day one. From their home base in Eufaula, AL, they are here to help anglers make the most of every minute on the water.

Whether you're competing in a fishing tournament with the SOLIX® Series or making the most of a family vacation using the HELIX® Series, count on them to help you find the best fishing hot spots faster, and to explore the water with confidence. Because that's what makes Humminbird Simply. Clearly. Better.

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