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ROSCO Company Information
Rome Specialty Company, Inc. has been manufacturing terminal fishing tackle in Rome, NY since 1926. From its inception, ROSCO’s principal products have been sport and commercial fishing swivels, snaps, sleeves, and rings. Their products are made out of either brass or stainless steel and can be plated in nickel or oxidized in black. They are the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal fishing tackle and lure components in the United States. In fact, their first president, J. Howard Butts, was a founding member of the Associated Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Organization, predecessor to the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers’ Association and now the American Sportfishing Association.

All ROSCO products are designed specifically for fishing, however some products, such as their butt (jump) rings have become popular with renaissance re-enactment groups who link them together to make chain-mail clothing and accessories. You can also find ROSCO products attached to kites, surfboard leashes, dog collars, and unique custom jewelry.

Rome Specialty Company’s reputation for quality is known worldwide. They take pride in their high-quality, American-made products and they have a history of customer satisfaction dating almost 90 years. Their company has withstood the Great Depression, a recession, a World War, and ever increasing foreign competition strictly because of the quality of products that they produce.

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