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Reelsnot Company Information
Reelsnot is a Line & Reel lubrication as well as a conditioner designed by fishermen, for fishermen.

Developed using all of the most current state of the art technology, they have formulated the best line lubrication on the market, period. It not only lubricates your line and reel, but it tremendously improves your casting distances and will not harm your line in the process. Reelsnot also reduces backlashes and has been proven to reduce line memory and twists. It also helps prevent line guide freezing and de-ices your reel in cold weather.

Reelsnot is eco-friendly, non-flammable, non-aerosol, odorless, and will not cause any wear and tear on your line like other products. It also will help in the colder weather conditions to keep your line moving freely through your reel. We have all seen and used the other products that say they can do it, but Reelsnot can prove it.

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