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Old School Balsa Baits

Company Information
As a tournament competitor Phil knows the importance of having quality baits that he can rely on at the most critical times. That's why each bait is handmade and custom at PH custom lures. Phil has a desire to continue to create and perfect his baits with a drive that is customer focused.

Since introducing his baits in 2006 Phil has grabbed the attention of professional and avid fisherman alike. These baits have taken several wins and top 20 finishes on the Elite Series and have also become a household name amongst FLW pros. Phil's desire remains the same, to continue to create The Perfect Lure for any Condition.

PH Custom Lures and Old School Baits are both made in Phil's Shop in Connersville, Indiana. The lures are all hand made with meticulous craftsmanship and built with top quality components. The two lines share many similarities, but still have many differences when it comes to components and the labor processes during building.

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