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Seaguar Company Information
Seaguar, the world's #1 manufacturer of pure, ultra-premium fluorocarbon fishing products, controls, in the most minute detail, every aspect of this miracle filament's production. Its ability to alter formulations, structures and extrusion processes allows Seaguar to provide anglers with the most comprehensive offering of fluorocarbon lines, tapered leaders and leader material. There are simply no better quality or better performing fluorocarbon products than Seaguar.

With over 20 years of experience in fluorocarbon technology, it is no wonder why Seaguar is the natural choice for anglers seeking the ultimate in fluorocarbon fishing lines and leader materials. With more than half a dozen distinctively different 100% fluorocarbon fishing lines, Seaguar's experience equates to the perfect fluorocarbon product for every fishing situation. Seaguar is still the only company with full vertical integration in fluorocarbon fishing line manufacturing. By manipulating the molecular properties of PVDF resins, Seaguar is able to create 100% fluorocarbon lines to maximize specific fishing opportunities.

That's because the refractive index of Fluorocarbon is nearly identical to that of the water. In layman's terms, that means when you immerse a Fluorocarbon leader in water, it blends in so well that it's almost impossible to see with the naked eye. And if the fish can't see it, they are far less likely to spook and more apt to strike.

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