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Evilution Lures

Evilution Lures Company Information
Evilution Lures is a new lure company created by tournament anglers like yourself.

Evilution Lures was started with a story that all bass anglers can relate to, having your favorite lure discontinued by a large tackle company. Charlie and Carina Points are tournament bass anglers like yourself and compete in Kentucky tournament trails. He was tired of seeing his favorite lures become unavailable, so he started making his own and with the addition of Carina and the kids they kick started their business Evilution Lures. Evilution Lures was started in 2014 and they use Mustad Ultrapoint hooks and powdercoat paint for a lure that is durable. The company started with Charlie making and using his own lures, then his friends asking Charlie to make various lures for them, then Charlie becoming so busy he decided to try and start the business. What started as just a couple of hundred here and there are now over thousands of baits made each year and growing. Charlie has designed the new Evil "V" 4x4 and 4x6 which has anglers excited about the big fish they are catching with them. The latest to come from his incredible creativity and the need to make a bait that will surpass all others and land the big fish is the new Vortex, Diplo Underspin, and now the Undertaker with a unique design that has the anglers excited. This is truly a family business and will always be a family owned and operated business. Charlie and his family are constantly working on making sure they put out a product that gives the angler top quality and durability. They started making the baits in a small space in the house and have quickly outgrown and moved into their full garage. They pour the lead heads themselves and continue building all the way down to the skirts. Our products are handmade right here in the USA and that will not change.

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