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Greenfish Tackle

Greenfish Tackle Company Information
If anyone asks a bass fisherman what they've been doing lately they usually reply, "Oh not too much, just chasing those little greenfish around." Well, at Greenfish Tackle they want to change that response - with the attention to detail and quality that Greenfish Tackle puts into every bait, its clear... The Chase is Over!

Greenfish Tackle Baits are designed and handcrafted by fisherman for the fish. Each bait is made by hand with quality in mind.

Take it from lifelong tournament bass fisherman, there is no doubt, if you are fishing with Greenfish Tackle "The Chase is Over".

Why are they better?

These simple tried and true qualities make Greenfish Tackle superior:
  • Excellent fishability.
  • Meticulously handmade.
  • Specific color selection.
  • Just the righT hook choices.

    Unique size and shape.

    Greenfish Tackle creates fantastic lures for your bass fishing enjoyment.

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