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Lindy Company Information
The Lindy Tackle Company was started in 1968 by brothers Al and Ron Lindner to manufacture and market the Lindy Rig. Nick Adams joined the Lindy Company shortly after its founding. The Lindy Company revolutionized walleye fishing in the 1960's with the introduction of the Lindy Rig and back trolling. Al and Ron "barnstormed" upper Midwest walleye fisheries demonstrating, teaching, and selling Lindy Rigs. The Lindy Rig was soon joined by the famous Dingo Jig and the Spin Rig. The Lindy Company outgrew the ability of the founders to finance it and that resulted in the sale of the Company to ESB Ray O Vac in 1973. Mille Lacs Manufacturing was founded by Joe Fladebo in Isle, Minnesota in the late 1930's. The Company soon became famous for its Red Devil, Little Joe, and Mity Grip Spinners; Canadian Jig Fly, Lazy Dazy Lures, True-Spin Spinners, and a wide assortment of lures and accessories.

Today, the Company is known as "the walleye tackle company", and is credited with developing many of the walleye lures and methods that dominate the industry. Since its introduction in 1968, an estimated 55 million Lindy Rigs have been purchased by walleye fishermen. That number, while impressive, is probably equaled by the Company's Red Devil and Little Joe Spinners and Fuzz-E-Grub Jigs. The Lindy Rig, Red Devil Spinner, and Fuzz-E-Grub are three of the most copied lures available to walleye fishermen.

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