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Tightlines UV

Tightlines UV Company Information
Tightlines UV is the next generation of fishing tackle for Bass, Crappie, and Walleye fishing that focus on the vision of fish. We use 2 colors in the for natural light (like all the other tackle companies) and the second for UV light. We are the only company that infuses UV colors into their plastics.

UV light makes up 80% of the light in shallow water and 100% of the light in deep water. UV tackle gives fisherman an advantage because all baitfish, shiners, shad, crawfish, etc., REFLECT UV sunlight.

Tightlines UV products reflect UV sunlight....and all the competitors absorb all the low end light that is in the water.

It's not about what we's about what the fish see!....and they see these baits 4 to 7 times better than conventional plastics.

Catch more fish with our bass tackle, crappie jigs, and walleye jigs and UV technology!

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