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EcoPro Tungsten

EcoPro Tungsten Company Information
Eco Pro Tungsten was founded with one thought in mind. To be the innovator in tungsten products and provide the highest quality (in-stock) Tungsten weights at an affordable price.

We are a family owned, American company that loves to fish.

We always had trouble finding tungsten weights in stock and at an affordable price. That led us to turn our passion into our business.

Tungsten is not a sideline to us. It is our business. We will constantly be working with our pro-staff to bring new tungsten products to market that will help you catch more fish.

Wait until you see what’s next!!!!

Eco Pro Tungsten weights undergo a special polishing that allows them to be fray free without using a plastic insert. Our weights are 97% pure tungsten which makes for a smaller, heavier weight, and that means you will make farther casts and get hung of less using Eco Pro. Our special "Seal Coat" painting process make for one of the most chip resistant finishes on the market. All Eco Pro products use only 100% lead free, earth friendly tungsten.

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