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YUM Company Information
YUM is the highly scientific secret ingredient in all YUM brand soft plastic baits. YUM starts a feeding frenzy because it's the only fish attractant with natural shad enzymes plus salt impregnation for even more fish attracting power. And for the things you don't want on your bait or in the water, YUM Hand Balm masks negative odors like gasoline, tobacco, insect repellent and human skin oils that gamefish can detect.

The Live Prey Technology (LPT) behind YUM simulates the release of live baitfish enzymes, which trigger feeding habits of bass, walleye, crappie and other gamefish. University research studies show that injured or distressed baitfish give off recognizable enzymes that trigger the feeding habits of predator gamefish. Our Live Prey Technology accurately replicates the enzymes of live baitfish, and gamefish know the difference. Don't get caught dead.

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